Keys to St. Louis Weekend

Breakfast: Companion Bakery Early Bird Outlet
Boy, have I got a secret for you. You know Companion bread? The like, most famous bread in St. Louis? The kind that is used at almost every (good) restaurant and sells like crazy at their bakeries? Well, what if I told you that you could get that bread, pasties and other goodies for super discounted prices - right in South City?


The Companion Early Bird Outlet is at their bakery in South City (4555 Gustine) and is open from 7am - noon, or until they run out. They've got it all - breads, pastries, pretzels, honey, apple butter, bagels, heck, even T-shirts. 

For $7.15 - seven dollars and fifteen cents! - we picked up a loaf of sourdough, a cinnamon roll, a cheese danish, three Bavarian pretzels and a 16 oz Kaldi's coffee. INSANE. 

Shopping (and snacks): Tower Grove Farmers Market
I've raved about this market before. While I love (and am always in awe of) the Soulard Market, TG is smaller, quieter, and less intimidating. You can pick up your produce, cheese, pasta, coffee, and even lunch (despite Southwest Diner closing their booth for a brick and mortar restaurant, there are still a couple sandwich options and other snacks available). They've usually got music playing and kids on the playground. It's just.... perfect. 

We picked up some late season peaches and butternut and acorn squashes. And of course, stopped at the Holy Crepe truck for a frozen banana nutella pop. (No, I did not care that it was 60 degrees and that I had just devoured a cinnamon roll 20 minutes prior.)

Lunch: Psghetti's
I love sandwiches. Blues City, Mom's, 9th Street, Pickleman's, LeGrand's... the city has plenty of options. But when I'm feeling especially nostalgic, there's nothing better than a drive 'home' to South County for Psghetti's.

I don't mess with the classic. I get the regular, no additions or substitutions. And a Pepsi to wash it down.

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I want, no I need, Psghetti's!

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