Let's just recap the day, shall we?

Let's just recap the day, shall we?

  • Barely slept due to crazy storms last night + a 60lb, 12 y/o dog that's afriad of said storms and was basically laying on top of me (on the bright side, snuggles with Mav are a rare treat these days. So, no regrets.) 
  • Didn't get into work early, like I had planned. 
  • Didn't get as much done this morning as I had planned. 
  • Six sets of design feedback, in three email threads and Dropbox comments. And designers waiting on me to go compile it all. No problem! [sarcasm]
  • Maverick pooped in my car on the way to the groomer's. 
  • McDonald's milkshake machine was "broken" [eye roll]
  • McDonald's gave me honey mustard instead of honey (ugh!)
  • People skipping softball because "work is stressful"... Oh, really? No idea what's that like. 
  • Thought the groomer's was open til 6pm. Nope, closing early today and had to leave work a second time to go pick him up. 
  • Construction. 
  • Rain. 
  • Construction. 
  • Rain. 
  • The bright side of the rain is that maybe softball will be cancelled? Fingers crossed. 
  • Surprise 6-hour meeting later this week. That won't mess up my schedule or give me anxiety at all
  • Surprise 6-hour meeting was originally Wednesday. So I cancelled late breakfast/early lunch with dear friends from college. I was very upset about this. Now surprise 6-hour meeting is on Friday (ugh!) but I'm worried I'm too busy to be back on for lunch anyway.

(And no, this doesn't account for other, more personal life matters that are equally as pressing and anxiety causing.) 

(Yes, even more personal and pressing than my dog pooping in the back seat of my car.)

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