Morning Musings (6th Ed.)

Everyone should live in a shitty apartment in a bad neighborhood, at least for a little while.

This morning, I was running a couple of errands before work and noticed traffic on the highway my parents would take to drive to work. Naturally, I called them to let them know to take a different route. I never realized how lucky I was to be able to do that. I often take for granted living in the same city as my parents.

'No news is good news' is the worst policy ever.

Sometimes when you're driving on the highway, don't you just want to jump on one of the exits that heads off somewhere like Chicago or Tulsa and take a spontaneous road trip?

This packing tip on Pinterest blew my mind.

Did you know DJ's boyfriend Steve is the voice of Aladdin?

I wonder what my threshold is for checking out a sale. I usually delete all the sale emails I get (thank god) but today got suckered in to a 25% off at Old Navy and 30% off at J Crew, even though I just went fall shopping last week.

I wish there was a faster way to dry my hair than blow drying it or driving on the highway with the windows down for 15 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and there was an episode where the Tanners went to Disneyland, and DJ was missing Steve and "seeing" him in the park dressed as Aladdin.

Danielle said...

OMG how did I forget about that?! thanks for sharing!

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