Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Ready to be on the boat, on the water, in the sunshine. Soakin' up some rays, drinkin' PBR. 

See you Tuesday, world. 



Eats, Lately (Vol. II)

 {crawfish boil at Oyster Bar}
 {brunch at Rooster}
 {homemade fish tacos}
 {three-cheese grilled cheese}
 {frozen yogurt}
{potato, brussels and sausage hash}


Always a Bridesmaid

So happy to be a bridesmaid in this girl's wedding. June 14, 2014 is going to be the party of the year... and the festivities leading up to it (starting with an enegagement party in a couple weeks) are going to be amazing.


Hello There

I've been away from this blog for far too long. Apologies. I'd like to say there is no excuse, or that the excuses are plentiful. But they're not. I've been busy with work. And beyond that, I've probably been watching too much TV, trying harder to clean my house, sleeping in and drinking too many beers/glasses of wine with friends. That's the truth.

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