Getting ready to decide if I want to renew my lease or look elsewhere for a place to call home. Longing for an exposed brick wall, fireplace, new furniture, pictures on the wall, real hardwood floors...

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Spring Salad

Made a version of this salad last night. Hmm hmmm good. Mine was apple + radish + cucumber tossed in a bowl with olive oil + honey + salt + pepper. 

It was delicious. 


Colorado or Bust

Highlights from the trip:

  • star gazing at Strawberry Hot Springs
  • my Pilgrim sandwich at Provisions (turkey + stuffing + cranberry on a baquette = better than actual Thanksgiving dinner
  • seeing a deer goat antelope ram on the side of the road
  • finding 'St. Louis style ribs' at two restaurants in Steamboat
  • trying to use chopsticks at A1 Sushi
  • the snow stacked up on top of the houses like layers of a cake. I wish I had a good picture of it. It was amazing.
  • Manitou Springs at the base of Pike's Peak. Such a cute, little town. I wish I had been able to spend more time there.
  • tubing in the snow riding the uphill people mover up the hill with my tube instead of walking
  • donuts at the summit of Pike's Peak... they really are good!
  • all the yellow signs for FM Light and Sons (since 1905!). The actual store was sort of a letdown...
  • visiting Garden of the Gods
  • seeing the boy teach his nephews geography and what 'racecar' is backwards
  • the drive
  • stopping at little diners to eat breakfast. We stopped in Kremmling at the Moose Cafe and then in Simla at The Hen House Cafe. The waitress there kept a guest book with notes from all the travelers that stopped through! If you ever go, look for a note from 'Joe and Danielle'!
  • Fat Tire on draft


What's 'Fish' in Spanish?

Before I get to all the Colorado-y goodness, I must tell you about the fish fry I went to last week (Seriously, I've been waiting a whole week to blog about it!).

My fish fry excursions this Lent have been underwhelming practically nonexistent. I went to the St. Simon's fish fry, which was less than stellar; and another week, I went to Burger King. Fail. But last week, I went to St. Cecilia's, which is located conveniently close to my house (bonus!). Oh, and it is Mexican.

Yep. A Mexican Fish Fry. 

For $10, you pick two entrees and two sides. I had the cod (just your typical yummy fried filet) and a stuffed chile with fries and mac and cheese. It was all delicious. The chile (chile relleno) seems to be one of their specialties. It's stuffed with cheese and fried.... and when does THAT ever fail? They also had salmon which looked really really good too! (Check out their menu for more.)

They had Mexican beer for $3. 

They had live entertainment. 

They didn't have enough tartar sauce. We had to hoard a bunch of packets for ourselves. 

I forgot to take a picture of the food before.... this is the aftermath. 

What really blew me away about this fish fry was the hospitality. Sure, the line was long, but along the way you could pick up drinks (beer!) and chips and salsa, and everyone working was so super nice. They had music playing and girls doing traditional Mexican dancing the whole time. Their priest even got on the mic and thanked everyone for coming. And they do this every Friday. 

I sort of wish Lent was all year round so I could make time to go back again. 


Inspired By: Montana

I'm heading off to Colorado early tomorrow morning. I wish we were going in the summer when it was warmer. I'm not much of a snow bunny and highs for the week are 47 degrees with some scattered snowfall... fail.

But I think it will be fun. And pretty. I'm hoping it looks a little like Katie's pictures from Montanta.

Hopefully I'll have some pretty pictures to share when I get back! Peace out, St. Louis (and the blogoshpere).


Dream Come True

I've been pining over this print for the longest time, and today, until 5pm EST, it is on sale for $30 for 11x14!! YESSSS.

20x200 is offering these special March Madness sales all month. This could be dangerous for me.


I (Still) Love STL

This morning, there was a shooting in Saint Louis city (just a few blocks from my house in fact). While that is disheartening enough, I was seeing people comment on Facebook about how 'St. Lousy' was now a 'warzone'. A place you went if you wanted to get killed. That it didn't matter if you were on the the north side or the south side, but that the city was filled with 'low income, multinational families on federal aid' and it wasn't safe anymore.

This made me mad on so many levels. I won't go into it all here because I try really hard not to use this blog for crazy rants. I'll just say that I believe in this city. Yes, it has it's fair share of problems, but I believe that there are good people here working to make it better. And for that matter, I believe there are so many things about this city that are already great. Things that don't get enough attention or are maybe taken for granted.

Lucky for me, I was bombarded with STL pride this afternoon.

First, there was the STL Style newsletter in my inbox. They've inspired me to add these to my wish list:
a city flag

4th edition City Neighborhoods map (I bought it in green earlier this year for the boy and am tempted to get the red for myself....)

They also promoted this SGC event that is going down on Cherokee Street next Friday. I visited All Along Press a while back and have admired their (and other Cherokee Street shops') work for a while now. I think I know how I'm spending next Friday evening....

And then I saw this video from Sauce Magazine. The skyline shots are enough to make me fall in love.... 

I love Saint Louis. I'm not giving up on it (and 'moving out to the country where the only thing that gets shot at is deer') just yet.

Everybody Polka.

I don't think this is the most inventive use of a polka dotted top, but hey, it's raining. And it's Tuesday. And I'm getting sick. Oh and I forgot to put my clothes in the dryer last night so my jeans were still kind of wet this morning. Ick. Oh and last night was the series finale of Greek and I'm still recovering from my sadness. 

Jeesh, my life sounds so depressing doesn't it? It's not. I swear.

Oh, and today I'm sportin' the dots for Everybody Everywear. Check it out!

Polka Dots | Everybody, Everywear

And ignore this picture.... I just needed one this size to post on the site!



My Uncle Mik passed away a year ago. Crazy how time flies, huh? It seems weird to lose someone who you only see a few times a year anyway. It's like they aren't really gone...

[Reblog:] The Most Wonderful (Feasting) Time of the Year

Note: This post originally appeared on Girls Guide to the Galaxy. The site has since gone under, and I'm not sure how much longer these posts will still exist. But they were good. And I don't want to loose them. To see the original, click here

There is one time of the year that I’ve constantly got food on the brain. I’m not talking Thanksgiving turkeys or Christmas hams. I don’t care about dyed, hard-boiled Easter eggs. And I’m definitely not talking about those jello flag cakes everyone makes on 4th of July (although, I really enjoy those too).
I’m talking Lenten fish fries here.
In case you didn’t grow up in a Catholic household like I did, I’ll give you a rundown. Lent is the season preceding Easter when us crazy Catholics give up candy, soda, coffee and other vices in order to experience the sacrifice that Jesus experienced when he gave his life for us (because not eating candy for 40 days is totally comparable to dying….). While there is a bit of customization here, there is one thing everyone has to give up on Fridays – meat.
(PS Lent is why we celebrate Mardi Gras- aka Fat Tuesday – to indulge in all that bad behavior we have to give up for 40 days. Thank you, Catholic Church!)
Out of this meat depravation has come the ultimate feasting experience. The fish fry.
A classic fish fry will include fried cod or catfish, with healthy helpings of side dishes like applesauce, green beans, french fries, mac and cheese, potato salad and cole slaw. Some have even expanded their menus to include shrimp, cheese pizza, meat-free spaghetti and more. Basically, you get fried deliciousness, paired with a couple sides of more deliciousness. Oh, and they usually have assorted desserts there too.
We’re lucky here in Saint Louis to have fish fries on almost every corner in every neighborhood. I mean, really, who doesn’t love fried goodness? For me, these feasts are nostalgic. They remind me of simpler times, staying after school on Fridays while my Mom worked the carry out line at St. Simon’s fish fry. We ran around the blacktop in our school uniforms (shirts untucked since it was after hours!). We sat at tables in the gym eating our fish, fries and applesauce. And if we were really lucky, our parents would let us work the dessert tables, restocking the plates of brownies and pies and collecting tickets from hungry patrons.
Every year, I try to make at least one stop at St. Simon’s to enjoy their fish fry. But now that I’m a city-livin’ adult, I also like to venture out and try the menus at other fish fries. On my list this year:
St. Pius V. Lucky me. This is right down the street from my house! They’ve got a classic menu, plus beer and live music! I have a feeling I’ll be stopping here after work more than one Friday this season…
St. Gabriel’s. I have the pleasure of dating a guy who is obsessed with this fish fry and can’t brag enough about it. They’ve got the classics, plus salmon filets and fried shrimp. Looks like I’ll have to check out this South City church to see what all the fuss is about.
St. Agatha’s. This place gets bonus points for being close to work and home, plus it got 8.5 out of 10 fish patties from St. Louis fish fry blog, No Meat For You. Oh, and two words. Polish. Beer.
St. Joan of Arc. I’ll admit, I’ve been swayed by a stellar review from the 13 blog about this fish fry: ‘Good fish. Good selection. BEST sides. FREE beer.’ I’m there.
St. Ferdinand. This one  is a little drive for me (considering my other choices are pretty much all South City). But rumor has it, this one has ice cream. Good thing I’m not giving up sweets for Lent…
With any luck, I’ll be visiting seven different fish fries this Lenten season and I could not be more excited about it. What better way to prepare for swimsuit season that shoveling fried food into your mouth, right? Hmmm. Where’s that sarcasm font when I need it?
Ah well… Happy Feasting!


Don't Rain on My Parade

Saturday is Mardi Gras.... you know, just in case you didn't know that. You know, just in case you don't happen to live in an amazing city that hosts the second best Mardi Gras in the country. And you know, just in case you aren't lucky enough to have a boyfriend that happens to live in the neighborhood that hosts said second best Mardi Gras in the country. 

I'm a little excited. Can you tell?

I picked these up last night because it is supposed to rain on Saturday. Boo. Ah well. As this post title implies, I'm not going to let that rain on my parade.... literally. There's a parade at this thing. Also on the shopping list:
  • champagne + orange juice
  • beer. duh. 
  • Vitmain Water
  • pizza rolls and bagel bites
  • the fixins for a breakfast casserole
  • king's cake
I. Love. Mardi Gras. 


Yep, Me Again.

I honestly did not intend to post a picture today. In fact, I told you I probably wouldn't. But look at me. I'm addicted I think.

Today was my first day of looking at the rest of my closet. And it was weird. Almost like too many choices. It is also weird that I didn't go back to a tried and true classic, but instead opted for his denim jacket that I haven't worn in years.... Tomorrow will probably be back to a tee and a cardigan though.

Also, sorry my limbs are doing weird things. I look awkward.

jeans, belt from Target. boots by Chinese Laundry. white shirt by Liz Clarborne. jacket from Old Navy. necklace from mom. 


Recap 16-30 + Final Thoughts

I definitely like these last fifteen outfits better than the first fifteen. I guess I just needed to get in the groove of things... and now it is over. Weird. I seriously cannot imagine what I'm wearing tomorrow. All I can think about is my flannel shirt. Or denim button down. Or black sweater. I really need to rediscover the rest of my closet. 

What I learned from the 30x30:
  • I really like my clothes (still). Hard to believe that I could wear the same items for a month and not be sick of them. 
  • I do not need so many clothes.
  • When you aren't shopping you can spend your money on important things, like Chips Ahoy. 
  • It's way easier to get dressed in the morning when you're choices are limited.
  • Less clothes means less laundry. Which I like
  • Planning ahead will shave serious time off your getting ready time. 
  • I need a haircut (still). 
  • I need to go tanning (still). 
  • I need a nicer camera (still). 
  • I need to decorate my apartment (still). 
  • These 'outfit of the day' fashion bloggers deserve way more credit for taking time out of their day to take good pictures and share so much of themselves on the internetz. 
So, have I converted to the dark side of fashion blogging? Sort of. I'm not completely sold on the idea of posting a picture of myself on the blog everyday... but maybe if I get something new and want to share it. Or have a special event going on. Or get a better camera. Or is an Everybody Everywear day. But I really don't think I could see myself doing this every singe day (I hope y'all will still follow me though! I promise to post cool stuff!). 

Would I do the 30x30 again? Depends. I honestly cannot see myself doing a spring or summer one because so much of it depends on layering... and let's face it, layering is not an option in the summer in St. Louis. I might be able to pull it off just for work outfits, but my spring and summer wardrobe is pretty much sandals with a dress or tank and shorts. 

So there you have it. 30x30 is over. Hello, rest of my closet!

What Preschoolers Need

Was this really the best picture choice? Makes me actually favor iStock. Facebook ads can be so ridiculous (and that's coming from someone who makes them). 

Fini. Day 30.

Day Thirty
Welp, here it is. Last outfit. Look how creative I am wearing my green dress as a shirt! Total remix pro. 

Okay, not really. I honestly thought this challenge was easy. I guess I picked enough tops and cardigans/jackets that I could have just mixed and matched for thirty days without doing anything uber creative. And to be honest, I'm actually sad it's over. I'm trying to think of what to wear tomorrow and all I can think of is my flannel shirt.... fail. I'll have a recap coming soon of the last 15 days and my thoughts on this whole 'challenge' in general. 

Oh, and please look at how sunny it was this morning!! If anything, this challenge was a nice way for me to push through my least favorite season and on to spring. I'm so ready. 

black jeans and striped cardigan from Target. green dress from Old Navy. boots by Chinese Laundry. scarf from... somewhere. 

Looking for something?