Words of Wisdom... on doing what you love

Publishing books to make money is a little like hanging out in a singles bar if you want to get married. 
It might work, but there are way better ways to accomplish your goal. 

If you love writing or making music or blogging or any sort of performing art, then do it. 
Do it with everything you've got. 
Just don't plan on using it as a shortcut to making a living.

From Seth Godin


Absolutely loving these vinatge photos they are posting over at The Sartorialist.


Send me to Bonnaroo.

Just a few of the acts I'm dying to see....

Extraordinary Machine

If there was a better way to go then it would find me
I can't help it, the road just rolls out behind me
Be kind to me, or treat me mean
I'll make the most of it, I'm an extraordinary machine
-Fiona Apple, Extraordinary Machine

Just heard this song for the first time last week. Doesn't it sound like it belongs in a musical? Love it!



People online who look like my friends...

I'm hoping this is just one of many posts like this. I've been finding photos online recently (without even looking mind you) that look exactly like my friends.... Enjoy!

Photos from the White House Flickr Feed and Awkward Family Photos


I don't mind the Rain

I'm starting not to mind rainy days... Thanks to these pretty pictures from Our Labor of Love


Words of Wisdom... about wisdom

"You can never be old and wise, if you were never young and crazy."

From ayAREkay, who is pictured on the left. Oh, and by the way, I am not naked in this picture. I had a tube top on (young and crazy does not equal naked). 



"Whenever I am missing home, I go to DG. It is my home and it always be."

I stole that from Jenny Lamm


Color me Summer

Bright inspiration from this sunny weather. Too bad it's supposed to snow tomorrow. 


Dedicated to my Bro

My brother likes Legos. And so do I. Isn't this table cool? 

And check out this documentary on big kid Lego fans. 

Inspired b Design Work Life

Travel on the mind

I really want to take a trip somewhere... but alas, I'm broke. These cool posters will have to do. 

Tweet me

My new Twitter background. Follow me @daniellesmyname

From Design Work Life


The Avett Brothers = LOVE

There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light
In the fine print they tell me what’s wrong and what’s right
And it comes in black and it comes in white
And I’m frightened by those that don’t see it

When nothing is owed or deserved or expected
And your life doesn’t change by the man that’s elected
If you’re loved by someone, you’re never rejected
Decide what to be and go be it

There was a dream and one day I could see it
Like a bird in a cage I broke in and demanded that somebody free it
And there was a kid with a head full of doubt
So I’ll scream til I die and the last of those bad thoughts are finally out

Kittens Inspired by Kittens

From Kittens Inspired by Kittens

Happy St. Pat's


Can't stop eating...

Cadbury Mini Eggs (dark chocolate... nom nom nom).

And yes, I am a Facebook fan.

Santa Claus spotted in Paris!

Sorry, couldn't help it.

From The Sartorialist

Why, twitter, why?

Do you get email notifications when you have a new Twitter follower?

Why is it that Twitter offers you 'a little information about Blank' and then lists their # of followers, # of people following, and # of tweets? Why not give us their bio info instead? I would much rather see where they are from/what they do/how they describe themelves. 

Twitter fail. 

Fail whale image from The Design Inspiration

Rain, rain, (don't) go away...

This rainy weather is making me crave new rain boots once again. I even snapped the picture of the green ones at Mardi Gras in Soulard a few weeks ago (yep, I'm sort of a creep...). I want some Hunter's, but what color?

Inspiration from Cupcakes and Cashmere, The Cheap Chicas, Geek Shoes, and a random girl on the streets of Soulard. 



I need flats to wear to work. All winter, I was pining for some flat, black boots, but now that the snowy weather is behind us (I hope), I've given up on that goal and decided I need flats instead. These are all from Zappos, and are less that $50. Nice.

College kids: Listen up.

A few weeks ago, AAF Mizzou was coming into my office on an 'agency tour' of Saint Louis.

It got me thinking about my own path, and where I ended up. I basically have my dream job. I create content (aka blog) about marketing and social media. I proof (aka correct) copy that goes out in print. I tweet. I facebook. I read. I comment. I couldn't ask for anything more.

But I never expected to end up here. I thought I would get a job in some business casual, 50+ employee office where they would put me through all kinds of training to do my job. I thought I would be answering emails and phone calls all day (wearing dress pants and heels, mind you).

And there is nothing wrong with that (I love dress pants and heels). I honestly think if I had found a job like that I would've liked it, I would've been happy (but ironic sidenote, as I was typing that I kept typing 'wouldn't' instead of 'would've.' Hmm, subconscious?).

Anywho... sorry I just went off on a tangent about how great my job is. I do that a lot (seriously, ask my friends). The whole point of this post is that when AAF Mizzou came in, I was worried one of these over eager J-school kids (oh shut up you guys, you know it's true), would ask me for advice or something. So I started to brainstorm.... And it came down to this:

Get online. Do work. Have fun.

Simple. Tweetable. Up for interpretation/discussion.

Get online.
Colby (an active member of AAF Mizzou actually) blogged about this a while back and it is so true. Why don't kids get it? I know so many people who won't blog or get on Twitter because it is too trendy. Well, guess what? I found my job on Twitter. I am willing to bet you I got my job because of Twitter (and my other online profiles/blogs). When you Google me, you see social media profiles and blog posts and comments. The same is true when you look me up on Pipl.

What do employers see when the Google you? If you had the opportunity to manipulate that, wouldn't you? I saw this article today about you and your personal SEO and it totally rang true. So what are you waiting for? Get an online resume. Join some social networks. Blog, or at least comment on other blogs.

Along those same lines, you need to set up some sort of blogroll. Bookmar some links, use Google Reader, use Snakcr, whatever it takes. Follow some blogs that fit with your industry. Read articles from magazines/newspapers that coincide with you inerests. What you need to know about the 'real world' you probably aren't going to learn in class.

And newsflash- soon you won't even have class anymore. Having those trusted resources set up in advance will help you continue your education beyond college.

Do work.
And I'm not just talking about internships (although, those will help). I did not have an internship in college. I did not study abroad. I didn't even have a real, paying job. But that doesn't mean I didn't work hard.

I got really involved in my sorority (and no, I am not at all embarrassed to admit that). I didn't just paint stuff or dance or buy tshirts or go to soccer games (although that stuff is all really fun).  I participated. I took on leadership roles. I went to pretty much every event. I networked. I tried to make it better. (Notice that all that applies to any organization you join.)

And it wasn't just that. Any J-schooler knows that we are pretty much slave labor for places like KOMU, KBIA, The Missourian, Newsy, etc. Does it suck sometimes? Yes (try working 1pm-1am shifts at KOMU... on Thursdays). But even if you aren't interested in that particular field you are going to learn a ton from the experience. Trust me, in the end, it's all worth it.

And besides going to class (because that often conflicts with my #3 piece of advice), you have to do some work on your own to educate yourself. I know that sounds miserable, but this is the one thing I wish I had done more of in college. Those free classes that teach you flash or photoshop or whatever? Take some. Those speakers that come through campus? Go to them. Getting your butt there probably sucks, and it won't seem worth it, but (I bet) you will actually enjoy the experience.

Have fun. 
For being the simplest piece of advice, this is probably the hardest one to follow (or if you're like me, it's maybe too easy).

Here's the thing. You're only in college young once. Take advantage of it. Here are some scenarios:
  • Your friends are going to the winery. You have class at 2pm. Skip it. 
  • It's a beautiful sunny day. Grab a trops and drive to the big tree in McBaine. 
  • You have class at 8am tomorrow morning. It's your friend's birthday. Go out. 
  • It's St. Patrick's Day
I'm not saying never go to class (I did try that once, and it didn't work out too well for me). But give yourself a break every once and a while. Don't skip out on those big moments you are going to remember forever just because you have to go doodle in your notebook for an hour while your professor lectures. And if going to class is something you absolutely must do, make plans to meet you friends afterwards. 

Trust me. I'm not saying my college career was perfect (although, it was pretty damn close). I might have the tinsey bit of regret for not studying abroad or having an internship, but there is nothing (repeat: nothing) I regret more than not spending more time sitting on the quad, lunching on patios, taking walks, driving around with my friends, etc. 

Just do it. 


Roll the windows down

Roll the windows down. We’re driving straight away
From every bump and bend we ever knew.
The road lies out ahead like one long Saturday.

-Bob Lind, 'Roll the Windows Down'

Dress Me Up

This pretty weather we're having makes me want to prance around in dresses and bare feet. Can someone buy these for me please? And thank you. 


I got my Philosophy

I see that there is evil
And I know that there is good
And the in-betweens I never understood
Would you look at me I'm crazy
But I get the job done
I'm crazy but I get the job done
I say go ahead and laugh all you want
I got my philosophy
It keeps my feet on the ground
And I trust it like the ground
That's why my philosophy
Keeps me walking when I'm falling down

-Philosophy, Ben Folds

This song will forever remind me of Student Council in high school (specifically MASC 2004). There is no better song to belt to while driving around with your windows down.... trust me.

Step 1: Get my name right.

I've been in a helpful mood lately. 

Maybe it's because I'm finally really happy about where my life is, maybe I'm just looking to score some karma points.... whatever.

I've been helping people look for jobs. Helping out around my house (more...  but still not enough). Making an effort to promote great bloggers I know by commenting on their sites and giving them #FollowFriday shout outs (yep, I am a nerd). So when I got this request from an old friend (that mind you, I went to high school with, college with, and recently had an extensive online conversation about the Saint Louis job market with), I was more than happy to help. 

Sure thing. I sent her my address. Then this happened. 


Confused? You see, I don't have my last name on Facebook. Instead, it just says 'Danielle Lynn.' But you would think that someone I went to high school and college with (same major!) and had given career advice to just a few months back would have noticed that.... 

Maybe I'm asking too much, but if you are going to solicit me for business at least get my name right!


Wish I was here...

From The Big Tree in McBaine Facebook page

Yes, I am a fan.

Words of Wisdom... on the online/offline debate

“The idea that you’re isolated when you’re online is, to me, just wrong. It’s an inherently social medium. What starts online moves offline, and what starts offline goes online. Online and offline life are inherently connected. They’re not separate worlds.”

Looking for something?