I have a feeling every Friday will feature a post similar to this one (and maybe some Mondays and Thursdays too). Anyway, tonight I'm checking out Lafayette Fire Company in, where else, Lafayette Square. I'll let you know how it goes.

Or better yet, meet me there.

Just my Type

This interactive survey will tell you what typeface you are, and trust me, it is pretty spot on. I got Archer Hairline, which is not only one of my all-time favorites (classic, traiditional, clean, simple...), it is described as:

"a modern typeface with a straightforward appearance, but one that has tiny outbreaks of elegance and tiny dots of emotion only apparent on closer examination." 

Yep, that pretty much sums me up.

So seriously, take the quiz. You need your speakers on, and the password is 'character.'

Can I trade my life for this one?

Wouldn't that be nice. 


Baby Got Back

Watched the SAG Awards' Fashion Police on E! last night, and Kate Hudson was their best dressed.


Not everyone can play FourSquare

Foursquare is my new digital obsession.

Brief rundown: Go places. Check in. Get points. You can link it to Twitter/Facebook and it will send a message like, "I am at 'blank.' You can add friends and see where they are. You can leave tips at different places you go. (Oh, and no, the points don't really matter. But they are fun anyway.)

But something happened yesterday that really, really angered me.

I got a friend request from Atomic Cowboy.

A bar. A bar that I have never even been to. And now have absolutely no interest in going.

I get that Foursquare is new and cool and marketers want to take advantage of that. It happened with Twitter, it happened with Facebook, and I'm not complaining because without those I wouldn't have a job. But Foursquare is different. Making yourself a profile and friending everyone in Saint Louis is not good marketing.

What is good FourSquare marketing?
Give deals to users. For example, if you are the mayor of a place (i.e. you have the most check ins there) you might get a discount.
Or even make yourself your own profile and leave tips about how great the place is. Or better yet, just ask your friends to do it.

Bottom line: I do not want my Foursquare turning into something like Yelp. And no, 'Atomic C.', I will not be your friend.


Words of Wisdom

These inspiring words come from Pretty and Poor.

Marc Jacobs purses and coats made of leather,
Days spent in South Beach and sunshiny weather
Buckets of diamonds and soft serve machines,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Shiny nail polish and strong Starbucks coffee,
Burberry totes filled with fine English toffee,
Big blinged-out bracelets and huge cocktail rings,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Dinners at restaurants and bottles of wine,
Dirty Martini’s and Ketel with lime,
Shoes by Manolo sent straight from my dreams,
These are a few of my favorite things.

Boot-ylicious (sorry, that is so cheesy).

Admittedly, most of what you'll find on this blog is stuff I want that I will never actually own. This is especially true when is comes to anything tagged as 'fashion.'

These boots are an exception.

I saw them on my good friend Chelsea's blog, Super.Fine, and immediately put them on my Christmas list (yes, I still have a Christmas list). Santa followed through, and on December 25, I got them in Butterscotch. Here we are, a little over a month later, and they have already become a wardrobe staple. I'm sure I've worn them at least once a week. They are perfection.

White House + Flickr = Love

I absolutely love following the White House Flickr feed. No matter what your politics, you have to appreciate the chance to see these behind the scenes photos of the Prez, his family, and his staff. These two photos are a bit older (from January and March 2009), but they are a couple of my all time favorites.

D is for Donuts? Yes, please.

Love these Paperfingers alphabet prints.

Thanks to Design Work Life for the inspiration!

iHaveADroid and wish it was an iPhone

I've become pretty much obsessed with my Google Reader, but I'll admit, I follow some pretty useless blogs. You know, the ones that you just 'mark as read' without even skimming through the whole thing, the ones you never even click on to visit the actual site.

This is not one of those sites.

I adore Colby's College Caffeinated because it is almost always relevant to me - college, social media, journalism, you get the drift. Seriously, check him out.

Anyway, a while back Colby posted, 'iPhones, large animals, and why I might hate you.' It's good for a laugh, and actually insightful too. And if you walk the fine line between iPhone hatred and adoration (I like to call that line jealousy), then you will really relate to Colby's post.

I'm a little behind the times on this one...

but don't you love this Chirstmas card from The Rockstar Diaries?

That is their precious pup Kingsley. I am already trying to think of cute ways to photograph my baby Maverick for next year. Thoughts?

Spring Rain? Bring it on.

These boots pretty much inspired this blog. I saw them and decided I had to have them.

Okay, let's be honest. I want her whole outfit, but first things first. The boots are from Hunter, and the inspiration is from Cupcakes and Cashmere.

It's true. I have just started another blog.

Here are some reasons why this is a bad idea:

1. Facebook, Twitter, Girls Guide, My TV blog, actual television, friends, oh, and work... like I really need another timesuck.
2. I've been doing a piss poor job of updating Addicted to Television, which is sad. I love that blog.
3. Blogging is stupid (while I do not believe this, I know many a naysayer who does).

But here's the deal. When I started blogging, I was told to pick one specific topic. I picked TV. This was followed by other blogs with other topics (Delta Gamma, my capstone project, TV & Movies...).

But lately, I have been feeling really limited. What about when I want to share with you some kick ass song lyrics? Or cute boots I want to buy? Or my dream hairdo?

So here's my solution- Another Blog from Danielle.

I know, really original.

Looking for something?