A Winter Selfie Haiku

A winter selfie.
Are those wrinkles by my eyes?
Before the flat tire. 


What Helps Keep Me Sane...

"What helps keep me sane and successful is knowing what to prioritize when—be it my friendships, my relationship with my mister, my job, or my running habit—and knowing when to shift gears. I keep life fun by breaking the routine now and then, and I keep it calm by staying close to home and quiet whenever I can. Give yourself two nights a week to go wild—maybe one night out with the girls and one date night—and take mini-vacations ever four to eight weeks. Try new workout classes, read weird books, bum around far-flung neighborhoods. Consider your routine the cake and everything else icing. You can’t enjoy one without the other."
via Cary


Bucket List: Avett Brothers at Red Rocks

Welp, I did it. Bought tickets to see Avett Brothers at Red Rocks in July.

I've always said that I don't really have a bucket list, but that if I did, seeing Avett at Red Rocks would be on it. Seeing any concert at Red Rocks would be awesome... but Avett Brothers? Like a dream come true.

So when I got the email about the tickets going on sale this week, I thought – What the hell. It's just money, right?

I have no plans really. Flying? Driving? Where am I staying? Who is going with me? I don't know. I don't know if I really care right now. I'm notoriously NOT spontaneous, so this is a big deal for me. All I care about is spending a weekend in beautiful Colorado, visiting local brewpubs, taking some hikes, and seeing this concert.


Last night, I cooked dinner and vacuumed my living room and dining room (couches too!). And this morning, I woke up extra early to work out. 

Was feeling VERY adult... Until I noticed the candle I had lit last night was still burning. Whoops. This adulthood thing is hard. 


Meet Willa Mae

So happy to introduce the world to my sweet niece, Willa Mae.
Named for Willa Cather ('My Antonia') and the month of May, the month both her parents were born and met. Weighing in at 5lbs 15.9oz, 19 inches long, and born at 5:02am on February 21, 2014.

I'm pretty much obsessed with her. Didn't think it would be so hard for me to put her down and leave the hospital / DC. I don't want to ever forget a moment of that weekend so that when she's grown, I can tell her all about how I found out she was born when we were just a few hours from DC. How we laughed that she was fussy just like our cat Max (didn't like the light in her eyes, didn't like when you laughed at her). How my parents starred at her sleeping like she was on display at a zoo. How everyone thought she was named after her Uncle Will / Grandpa Bill. How we thought all weekend about what she would call my parents, her grandparents. Would it be 'Papi'? After all, that's what the cats 'call' him.

I get to see her again in a few weeks, and again in May. After that maybe a bit this summer if she can get down to the lake for the very first time. Until then, looking forward to pictures, videos and Google Hangouts.


Embrace the Mid-Length

Trying to embrace the mid-length. Keep my eye on the prize of having long hair again. Resisting the urge to chop.
[resist the urge to do this]
[in order to eventually have this again]

images via Pinterest


"Share the Warmth" and Help Fellow St. Louisans!

Aside from getting to wear cozy sweaters and boots every day, I'm pretty much sick of winter. I'm ready to not have to carry a coat with me everywhere. To take Maverick for a walk and not fall on the ice. To not constantly worry how many more below freezing days my Dodge Neon will survive. 

But this Laclede Gas and United Way community program is reminding me how lucky I am for those to be my biggest concerns right now. While I'm complaining I don't have enough wine and coffee to get me through my next snow day, families all over St. Louis are struggling just to keep the heat on. 

Laclede Gas and United Way are making it super easy to help our neighbors with their DollarHelp program. Simply check the red box on your gas bill to donate one dollar a month to a neighbor in need. Simple as that. 

They're also hosting a "Share the Warmth" contest on Facebook with a chance to win a trip for four to  srping training. Geez, Florida sounds good right now, doesn't it? Crossing my fingers that a picture of me in pink camo hiking socks, drinking coffee while I sit in bed with Maverick watching House of Cards qualifies as a winner. 

*Just to be transparent - Laclede Gas did reach out to me asking if I'd help spread the word about the program. I'm happy to help. Plus, they offered me Cardinals tickets for next summer and I'll never turn that down.

Dinners, Lately

Fontina/artichoke calzone and homemade marinara
Pork chop with white rice and swiss chard
Lemon and rosemary steamed pollock with potatoes and roasted carrots
Miso ginger pollock with potatoes and swiss chard
Balsamic skirt steak with purple potatoes and green beans
Pappardelle with mushroom and grilled chicken 

Thank you, plated. Thinking about whether or not it's acceptable to make a Match profile highlighting  my cooking skills.

What Will My Niece's Name Be?

Current guesses...
Catherine (Cate)
Lillian (Lily)

Baby Roberts is set to grace us with her presence Thursday night / Friday morning. Eeeeeek.


Morning Musings (9th Ed.)

When I read "done," I read it as "don"- as in "donut" and I blame Strange Donuts.

The other night, I got a paper cut from a cardboard box. Brutal.

I care about Real World more than any 27 yr old should.

I have been wearing jeggings so often, it's hard to remember to unbutton my pants when I go to the restroom.

I'm busy. And it's all my fault.

Sometimes I have Pinterest boards I love so much and just want to stare them into fruition.

My Grandma used to proofread the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and send it back with edits. Lately, I'd like to do that with TV Guide.

I should be over winter… since I, you know, hate it. But I have a lot of sweaters that need to be worn more before we move on to spring. (I will regret that I thought/wrote this, I know it.)


Busy – And It's All My Fault

Being busy is all my own fault.

I try to do too much.

Months ago, I told myself I wasn't going to commit to anything else – not even a trip – until after March. I had two conferences to plan, a wedding and all its festivities to help with/attend, and a new baby niece to welcome into the world all before March 22nd. And yet, there I was. Adding houses in Mexico and Greece and Norway to my airbnb wishlist. Pinning away ideas for a bachelorette weekend in May. Looking at dates for a trip to Memphis. Applying to speak at a conference in (the month from hell, aka) March. Googling when the best time to visit the Pacific Northwest was.

As much as I told myself I had too much on my plate, here I am, piling more on.

So next time I complain that I'm so busy someone please remind me that I have no one to blame but myself.

Do It All

Let's be honest, I'll still try to do it all. 

Looking for something?