Happy Halloween!

I like these pumpkins. I swear, sometimes a lot of the times I make a face that looks just like that one on the right. 

From Dress Design Decor

The Ghost of Halloween Past

We've had a few good years, and this one should be no exception (even if my costume ends up being super lame). I only wish I had time to scan some old photos in.... I had some pretty great childhood Halloween costumes.

Happy Halloween!


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Weekend Jeans

I'm a devotee of dark skinny jeans, but these relaxed lighter-washed versions just scream weekend, don't they? Oh yeah, I'm also a big fan of printed scarves, leather jackets, boots, striped tees and undone hair too.

Happy Friday.

From Eat Sleep Denim here and here


Wish List: Camel Blazer

From Vanessa Jackman and Eat Sleep Denim

Book 'Em Danno

He may have been the famous Danno on the original Hawaii Five-O, but I always thought he was so dreamy as the brawn over brains Fritz in Swiss Family Robinson.

RIP James MacArthur


Rawr. Animal Print.

This is how you do it.

From Vanessa Jackman.

On This Day... 1965

On October 28, 1965, the last piece was placed and the Gateway Arch was completed. Driving past this architectural marvel everyday, I sometimes forget how amazing it is. 

Happy 45th Birthday... and here's to many many more. 


Looking into the Past

Would love it if I could find some images like the of St. Louis, but going through the thousand+ images in the Looking into the Past Flickr group isn't on my to do list today....

Redesigns Are Fun.

Movie posters by Moxy Creative
Book covers by Matt

Jesse the Wonder Dog

Maverick can't do anything like this. Not even close.
But at least he's cute.


Did I go to the Quad at 4am? No. 
Did I rush the field or carry the goal post thru the streets of Columbia? No. 
But I was there, in Columbia, for Homecoming + ESPN Gameday + an epic win over OU and I can tell you that the atmosphere was AMAZING. Everyone was sporting the black and gold all weekend and it made me even more proud to be a TIGER. 

Happy Homecoming. 

Images from Jeff Lautenberger


I Heart Mizzou: Homecoming Edition

Homecoming is more than just the football game. It is the biggest party of the year. House Decs, Skit, Blood Drive, Parade... I love it all.

Okay, not so much the blood drive.

Happy Homecoming.

Dear Old Varisty

Mizzou Columns Time Lapse from Casey Berner on Vimeo.

Happy Homecoming!

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