Feels Like Autumn

It's officially autumn....

Baseball season is over. I'm wearing a cable-knit sweater. And boots. The heat is on at my house. I wore my winter coat this weekend (and not just because it's Cardinal red). And this morning it was still dark when I woke up.

I like fall, really I do. Halloween, Thanksgiving, tailgating, cozy sweaters, Oktoberfest, pumpkin beer, fires... all great. But I'm not ready to be cold all the time and scraping ice off my car in the morning. Can we please rewind a little bit? Or at least pause before it gets any colder around here?

jeans and sweater from Target. boots by Chinese Laundry. 


"It's funny how you can turn a baseball cap around and throw on some D&G glasses, and all the sudden the intimidating-closer-with-a-97-mph fastball beard becomes a laid-back-grad-student-who-plays-guitar-in-the-quad beard."

So true. 


Eleven in Eleven

My Cardinals won the World Series. In case you didn't already know.
It's been a crazy ride the last couple of weeks and I can't believe it's all over.... and that we won. What blows me away is that this roster, these names, are ones that people will always remember. Freese, Carpenter, Pujols, Berkman, Craig, Motte... kids will grow up and remember back in 2011 when they were the best team in baseball. David Freese's walk off home run in game 6 will be played on highlight reels forever... and he's just a kid from Lafayette High School. It's nuts.

Speaking of nuts... RALLY SQUIRREL.



I've been wearing red for days, why stop now...
Happy Halloween! And Go Cardinals.


Impulse Buy

This is a terrible picture, but I just bought this top at Target and I was excited to wear it for a little dinner/bowling/movie date.

For the past year or so, before I buy anything I think, 'Can I wear this to work.' And if I can't... I usually put it back on the rack. Not so with this top. It feels kind of good to buy something pretty just to buy it and not analyze how and where I can wear it and if it's a good value or not.

Impulse is nice (sometimes).

jeans, flats, cardigan and top from Target. assorted bracelets.

Bowling at the Moolah

I'm no good, but I'll give myself at A for effort. Plus, the beers and atmosphere (and company) make for a good time.


Show Me the Clothes

On Saturday, I got to lead a discussion on gender in blogging and social media at the Show Me the Blog Conference (shameless plug: check out my tweetable takeaways here). The best part was getting to mix and mingle with a bunch of local bloggers! I go to a ton of social media and marketing events, but this was a completely different crowd and I loved it.

I've been looking for local style bloggers to connect with for a while now, and thanks to The Sassy Peach's fashion blogging session, I got to meet a few! Economy of Style and Motor City Moxie were both there (and both from right here in STL!) and we planted the idea of having a style blogger meet up sometime soon. Are you a style blogger in (or around) St. Louis and want to join us? Leave a comment!

Also, I took the plunge (per Sassy Peach's advice) and joined Independent Fashion Bloggers. I hate calling myself a 'fashion' blogger.... because I don't think I'm particularly fashionable.... but until there's an Independent Take-A-Picture-In-The-Mirror-of-Your-Target-Outfit Bloggers group, this will do.

white jeans, flats from Target. black sweater from Gap. assorted silver and gold bracelets. nail polish is Slick Slate by Sally Hansen (and got lots of compliments!). 

It Came!

And in pretty animal print packaging with the cutest business card and candy! Yes, I said candy!

Thanks Elizabeth! Can't wait to rock it.

(And sincere apologies for this terrible photo. I was too excited to get my real camera out.)

Today I Feel...

Like plaid, boots and a top knot. Like blurry RetroCamera photos. Like hot coffee. Like a heavier jacket. Like turning the heat on in my house.

plaid shirt by Miley from Walmart. jeans and trench from Target. boots by Chinese Laundry. 


Go Cards!

No Cardinals song will ever top this one.

Hello Kitty

That's my parents cat, aptly named, Kitty. I guess Maverick isn't the only one who gets excited about me taking outfit photos...
I'm burnt out this week. Work, speaking at a conference this weekend, a big move, house sitting for two dogs and a cat, World Series mania (Go Cards!) and trying to stay up late to take full advantage of a big TV and a hot tub.... it's just too much.

I'm really enjoying all these new photo locations though.

top from New York & Company. jeans from Target. boots by Chinese Laundry.


100 Years of Coming Home

Mizzou's 100th Homecoming was everything I wanted it to be... Harpo's, house decs, tailgating, lots of beer, lots of friends, lots of black and gold. And of course, El Rancho.

What do they put in the water in Columbia that makes me love it so much?!



Is it too early to be wearing a cable-knit sweater over a denim shirt? Considering the last two weekends I've been in shorts and t-shirts, it feels a little strange.

Hey, at least it's still warm enough for flats right? I'm not ready to switch to boots full time.

jeans, flats, sweater from Target. old denim work shirt, source unknown.

The Recipes I Used

I cooked last night (how come every time I write that I want to put like five exclamation points after it?)... and it wasn't terrible. We had:
+ Garlic Balsamic-Crusted Pork Tenderloin (except I screwed up and bought a center cut loin instead... not the same thing)
Roasted Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Apple (except we used a splash of balsamic vinegar instead of red wine vinegar)
+ French Bread with Garlic and Romano
+ glass of Malbec

#nom #nom #nom


A New Location (And A Nice Mention!)

It's been so long since I've taken actual outfit photos that, apparently, I've forgotten how to pose... I look awkward. Anyway, I didn't move. I'm just house sitting for my parents and dead set on taking advantage of new locations for my morning photo shoots.

Over the weekend, I saw that Lacey of Oh My Goodness named me one of her favorite style bloggers - specifically for 'the Target lover.' So true. 90% of what I wear is from Target!So in honor of the mention, an all Target outfit for you today.

jeans, flats, tee, scarf, cardigan from Target. assorted bracelets and ring, as usual. 

House Sitting

I'm house sitting (slash dog sitting slash cat sitting) for my parents. It's sort of a nightmare and reminds me that I am so not ready for children and/or a puppy friend for Maverick to play with. My schedule this morning was something like this: 
  • Wake up every hour because my parents' mattress is hard as a rock and I'm sharing the bed with two dogs and three cats. 
  • Crawl out of bed 30 minutes early to account for the longer commute. 
  • Let the dogs out. Go out in the chilly fall morning to feed them... barefoot. Brr
  • Go downstairs and feed the cat. Freak out when I can't find the one who sneaks out the back door all the time. 
  • Find said cat. 
  • Let the dogs in. Maverick doesn't come. I freak out (that's #2, if you're counting). Go out in the yard, still barefoot, to find him. Cold, wet grass on bare feet in October is not the same as it is in July, FYI. 
  • Shower and realize they are out of conditioner. 
  • Brush teeth, wash face, dry hair, do my makeup... you know, the usual. But now, I have a cat standing on the sink meowing at me for water. 
  • Get dressed. Realize I left a bunch of clothes out in my car. Make due with a cardigan, scarf and T-shirt to avoid going outside again. 
  • Hit every stoplight on the way to work. 
And all that without coffee. 

One day down. Four more to go. 

Super Bass

Things I learned from this video:
1. Never underestimate the power of a friend by your side, or in this case, a cousin.
2. Pink tutus make everything cuter.
3. British 8-year-olds are better rappers than most Americans.


Inspired by: Jayma

Poor Jayma Mays... I usually can only imagine her in dainty cardigan, brooches and A-line skirts. I pinned this picture a while back, impressed that she was able to look so clean, classic and wonderfully un-Emma-like. 

white button down, jeans, flats and belt from Target. assorted bracelets and silver ring. 


I Played Pinball

And I won.

Thank you Silver Ballroom, for helping me find a 'sport' I'm good at while drinking.


Tradeshow Chic

I've been to a lot of local conferences and meetings, but this week was my first official 'work trip'. I was only there for three days so my packing had to be very strategic (although, I still had to check my bag because I forgot to buy travel face wash, hairspray, etc to take through security).

The List:
2 bottoms (black pencil skirt + skinny jeans)
3 tops (a tee + striped tank + white blouse)
2 cardigans (solid purpley-grey and tan giraffe print)
1 black dress
1 blazer
2 pairs of flats (black + grey)
2 belts (classic black + skinny yellow)
2 sets of accessories (silver + gold)
1 scarf

And what I wore...
To the airport
skinny jeans, flats and scarf from Target. blazer is Worthington from JC Penny. striped tee from H&M. assorted silver accessories. (On the way home I wore the same thing, but the striped Whitney Eve tank instead of tee.... I like stripes, apparently.)

On the first day of the conference
dress, flats and belt from Target. blazer by Worthington from JC Penny. assorted gold accessories.

Conference Day 2 (Sorry, I forgot to take my mirror picture!)
top by Whitney Eve. cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. pencil skirt from Gap. flats from Target. silver accessories.  

Out to dinner with clients
white blouse, jeans, cardigan and flats from Target. gold accessories. 

Conference Day 3 (or When A Fellow Exhibitor Complimented My Outfit)
pencil skirt from Gap. flats by Corso Como. blouse and belt from Target. gold accessories. 

Missing: One night out, I wore the striped tee + blazer + skinny jeans + flats + a big silver necklace.... but I forgot to take a picture. It sort of looked like this and this combined. 

Check out more pictures from my trip to Baltimore. 

Good Morning, Baltimore

You may (or may not) have noticed that I was MIA this week. I was up in Baltimore all week for a nursing trade show for work (and okay, maybe a little play, too). We didn't venture too far from Inner Harbor, but did get to walk around Little Italy one night before dinner and it was so cute. I could totally live there and get fat eating pasta at Italian restaurants everyday. Other than that, the week was filled with crab cakes, crab dip, Yunegling, references to The Wire and more nursing chatter than I can handle. I'll be happy to not hear about healthcare for a few days...
Baltimore Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor
My East Coast beer of choice
So not PC
Little Italy
Little Italy
Little Italy
Memphis BBQ.... at the airport. Not the Memphis trip I've had planned but it'll do for now.

Looking for something?