Suntan. Day 28.

Day Twenty Eight
See ya pale white legs... hello tan! Sadly, you can't tell in this picture, but I promise I got a tan this weekend. And I'm so so so trying not to peel. I've got a wedding to go to this weekend and would rather my skin not be falling off for that....

dress (worn as a top) from Old Navy. seersucker skirt from Tommy Hilfiger. black flats from Target. black belt found in the depths of my closet. 

You know what's funny about this dress (besides how wrinkley it is)? I've had it in both 30x30 challenges, but have worn it more often as a shirt than a dress. See.... Top to Dress ratio - 3:1


Happy Long Weekend!

I'm spending mine driving around in style in Lampe, Mo. Hopefully also getting a tan, catching up on reading, and enjoying a brewskie (or two or ten).

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!


Where Can I Find These?

Saw this on Budweiser's Facebook page. I need it. 

Awkward. Day 27.

Day Twenty Seven
This is my awkward Friday pose. 

I'm awkward because I stayed up too late watching The Wire. I'm awkward because when I woke up, the clock on my phone was ten minutes faster than all other clocks in my house. I'm awkward because I'm wearing white pants before Labor Day. I'm awkward because they are tearing down my pretty brick steps today and putting in ugly concrete ones. I'm awkward because my dog won't stop barking at the guys working on said steps. 

And so concludes another awkward post about nothing in particular. 

jeans and black tee from Target. denim shirt by Miley for Walmart. flats by Corso Como. necklace from Mom. 


Countdown. Day 26.

Day Twenty Six
I can't believe Megan and I are almost done with our spring 30x30. I only have four outfits left! (And three of them are already planned....)

Bulleted post today. My brain is everywhere.
  • I didn't mean to show off my bright nails like that. They look neon. (Do they look like this in real life?)
  • I thought this shirt was orange. Now it looks more reddish/coral. Hmmm. 
  • Like Megan, my outfit doesn't fit the weather today. It is gray and rainy out. Sadness. 
  • Pretty sure these flats got more wear than any other item in my 30. 
  • Sometimes I curl/wave my hair and it looks good. Sometimes.... it doesn't. Still up in the air about today's turnout. 
  • I swear I own clothes that aren't from Target. 

top, jeans, cardigan and flats from Target. necklace from Linley


Rain or Shine. Day 24 & 25.

'Rain or Shine.' Isn't that the post office's motto? Funny, considering that's the slogan they use to show that they will be there working everyday, no matter what the weather.... and I used it on a day when I slacked off and didn't post. Oops. 
Day Twenty Four: Sunny
striped top from H&M. jeans, flats from Target. necklace from VanHeusen. 

Day Twenty Five: Rain
IMG_0285 2
dress, cardigan, belt and flats from, where else?, Target. necklace from Mom. 

Anyway, crazy weather we've been seeing here the last few days, huh? And not just in St. Louis, but all over the place. Tornadoes everywhere! And a little too close to home in Joplin. What happened there is just devastating. 

For living in Missouri my whole life, and going to college in Columbia - I couldn't believe that I personally didn't know anyone from Joplin. I've been there a couple times for track meets (for my athletically-inclined brother and sister, not my awkward self), but that's about it. Then last night I remembered that I did in fact have a friend whose family is from there. His grandmother passed away this week and mom is still in the hospital. Please keep them in your prayers! And check out Missouri Disaster Relief to see how you can help. 


Classic, Again. Day 23.

Day Twenty Three
I feel like a 60s housewife today... a gingham button down with the sleeves rolled up, skinny black ankle-length pants and a headband? Yep, I would wear this gardening or doing chores around the house. Wouldn't be caught dead out of the house in it though! Ah, the fantasy...

[WHOA. I was about to name this post, 'Classic. Day 23.' and Blogger auto-filled it in for me. Apparently, during my last 30x30 I named my 23rd outfit post the same. exact. thing. See, here's the proof. Isn't that weird?]

gingham shirt from Tommy Hilfiger. black skinny jeans & flats from Target. black headband (that you can't really see...) from Forever 21. 

Party Time. Days 20 + 21 +22.

Twas the weekend of parties - college graduation parties on Friday (for Claire!) and Saturday (for Steve!) and a baby shower (for Julianna!) on Sunday. Weekends like this mean a lot of driving (three days in a row in South County? whoa.) but they also mean seeing lots of friends and family.... oh, and free food and beer. No complaints here.

Day Twenty
white jeans, flats and Tucker dress (worn as a shirt) from Target. locket, gifted. 

Day Twenty One
tee, belt and (cheating) sandals from Target. seersucker skirt from Tommy Hilfiger. 

Day Twenty Two
dress from Target. flats by Corso Como. necklace borrowed from Mom. 


Victory. Day 19.

Day Nineteen
Victory! With the wearing of this blue gray bluish gray dress, I can officially say that I have worn every item in my 30x30 mix. I'm pretty impressed. Last time around, my sequin skirt never made it out of the closet. Sad day.

Also sad? My pale legs. Sorry, blogosphere. I promise to apply some self tanner this weekend. 

dress from target. cardigan from H&M. shoes by Sperry. necklace gifted. 


Double Whammy. Day 17 & 18.

Lucky you, today you get double of me! (Still not as spectacular as yesterday when you got fifteen of me in one post, but whatever.)
Day Seventeen
I went to the movies last night, so I changed out of my dress and into something a bit more comfortable (read: T-shirt & jeans). We saw Bridesmaids at Chase Park Plaza and I have never seen it that crowded. I guess it was the combination of a new, buzzworthy movie showing + $5 Wednesday tickets + Groupons expiring tomorrow...

Anyway, Bridesmaids was good, but I don't think it was the female equivalent of The Hangover like everyone is saying. Maybe I went into it with high expectations, but I really just thought it was a funny chick flick. I wish they had done more with the ensemble cast and less with Wigg's love life (although, the cop? Swoon.).

Oh, and how freakin' cute is Maverick? He loves to mess up my pictures.

white tee from Express. jacket from Ann Taylor. scarf from Van Heusen. jeans from Target. shoes by Sperry. 

Day Eighteen
And, ya caught me. I've pretty much worn this same outfit before. But that wasn't during my 30x30 Challenge so you can't hold it against me. Deal?

jeans, flats, belt and gold necklace that you can barely see from Target. shirt by Miley from Walmart.


Words of Wisdom... from Shoe

'I'm just about as average a girl as you're going to get. I'm not tall or thin or beautiful. I'm not good at taking photos, being interesting or looking nice. I don't have tons of money to spend on designer clothes or tons of time to go shopping for them. I'm not particularly tech savvy. But I have a smart camera and I like to write. Besides, I figure blogging is a bit like singing in the shower. It won’t affect those who don’t hear it, and those who do hear it must be pretty durn close to you anyway.'
-Shoe of Soapsuds and Doodles
I love that.

Lots of Me. 1-15 Recap.

Here we are, halfway through. It's been a lot of skinny jeans, flats, cardigans and very bad photographs. I don't really see that changing in the next 15 days though....

I actually think I was doing better in the beginning of this challenge than I am now, but I'm blaming being out of town and getting sick. Oh, and just for the record - I only have two unworn items left! Not too shabby. 

Which looks are your favorite? I'm partial to 5, 7, 10 and 12. 

A REAL Close Call. Day 16.

Day Sixteen
Yesterday I was working on a 'halfway there' recap and realized I only had 14 pictures. Wha?! I thought, 'Way to go, Danielle. You're such an idiot. You can't count.' So today, I went to renumber all my old posts and realized that I hadn't miscounted! I wasn't an idiot!

My #11 post, aptly titled 'Close Call' never published. Well, actually it was published and then Blogger went all nutso and took it down. So this actually is outfit post #16.... and a recap for 1-15 will be coming soon! 

Yippee. I knew I could count! (well to 30, at least.)

dress from Forever 21. jacket from Ann Taylor. flats from Target. locket was gifted forever ago. 


Slacker. Day 15.

Day Fifteen
Don't judge me for...
  • reverting back to a mirror photo when I have a new camera
  • not doing anything special with this outfit
  • wearing a tee/striped cardigan combo two days in a row
  • not drying my hair all the way
  • not uploading to Flickr first for a better quality picture

I'm sick. And I'm slacking. 

tee, cardigan and jeans from Target. flats by Corso Como. 


Just Barely. Day 14.

Day Fourteen
This post, and this outfit, almost didn't happen today. I was this close to staying home under the covers but I pulled myself together (oh you know, twenty minutes before work) and got up. I think I must have caught something while I was freezing cold in Columbia this past weekend....

Oh and did I mention that I got to meet my social media twinsie and 30x30 partner in crime Megan this weekend?! That's right. We met for the very. first. time. And shared a nice breakfast/coffee/lunch at Bread Co. Finding new friends via the internetz is awesome.

white tee from Express. striped cardigan from Old Navy. black jeans, flats and necklace from Target. 

Roadtrip. Day 12 & 13.

I road tripped to Columbia this weekend to celebrate graduations and relive the good ole college days with some friends. I had planned on getting a few 30x30 outfits out of the way, but failed miserably thanks to the icky weather. Is it supposed to be 50 degrees and rainy in mid-May? Gross.

Day Twelve: On the Road
jeans, black tee, flats and scarf from Target. oh, and the purse too. sunglasses from Claire's. 

Day Thirteen: On the Quad

IMG_0116 - Version 2
jeans, flats and top from Target. cardigan from Tommy Hilfiger. necklace by Van Heusen. 


Pop Culture

I recently bought this poster:
And I can't wait for it to get to my house so I can put my Mighty Ducks love on display for all to see. I'm also currently obsessed with
and of course, this

Close Call. Day 11.

Day Eleven
We're having a rough start over here. First, I seriously considered skipping the challenge today and wearing a T-shirt. Then, during my mini 'photoshoot' on my back porch, my brand new camera fell off the railing. Oops. It didn't break (thank God!), but I really need to look into getting that tripod... 

And then I had to run by Target to pick up some things before work and the Starbucks inside was closed. Why would it not be open at 8am so I can get my iced coffee fix? Fail. 

jeans, flats and necklace from Target. top from Walmart. 

Oh, and just for your viewing pleasure, here's the series of photos my camera took as it tumbled.
These make me laugh. 


Please & Thank You. Day 10.

Day Ten
IMG_0063 - Version 2
First of all, a big BIG thank you to everyone who visited from EBEW yesterday and left me such nice comments!

For so long, I've written this blog just for myself. I posted what I felt like, when I felt like it. I guess I didn't think anyone (except maybe Chelsea and my sister) ever read it. But now I know you are all are out there and I can't ignore you! I added the Google follow option on the right and also one for Bloglovin'. Are those pretty standard? I only use Google Reader, so I don't know what else is out there really...

Speaking of Google Reader, I've stumbled across some really great blogs lately and keep following them through Google/Blogger's 'follow' options, but they aren't showing up in my Blogger Dashboard and I don't think they are showing up in my Google Reader either. Anyone know what's up with that? Halp.

Hooray! Target-only outfit today: black skinny jeans, gray top, white cardigan and black flats from Target. necklace by Linley.


Florals. Day 9.

Day Nine
I guess I could have done something a bit more inspired for Everybody Everywear Florals today, but it's supposed to be a muggy 90 degrees in St. Louis today and the thought of layering this dress with a cardigan or jacket sounded miserable. Instead, I focused my creative energy on taking a picture outside, crossing my fingers that my brand new camera didn't fall off the deck railing and hoping Maverick didn't jump on me... which he did. Twice. Thank goodness his paws were just wet and not muddy.

dress by Tucker for Target. flats from Target. locket (that you can barely see) gifted. 
Florals | Everybody, Everywear



On Saturday night, I sat on my couch and watched the entire Lady Gaga concert on HBO. I'm not really sure why. I was recording it. I didn't need to sit there and watch. But I just. couldn't. stop. I didn't even pause it to go upstairs and get something to eat or drink. I just sat there for two hours or whatever watching. It was awesome.

'Speechless' is, and probably always will be, my favorite Gaga song. I loved the HBO performance, but she interrupts halfway through and talks about Liza Minelli and Marissa Tomei and kinda ruins the song... so here's this one instead. Love this song. So much.


Out on the Porch. Day 8.

Day Eight
Guess who got a new camera this weekend?! It's a Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HS (whatever that means) and I'm not in love with it or anything but it'll work. And I was this close to buying a tripod too. Had it in my cart and everything. But I put it back. I'm hoping my parents have an old tripod laying around the house they would let me have.... crossing my fingers.

Meanwhile, I'm testing out new locations to prop my camera up on (besides the desk in my front room and on top of my microwave in my kitchen....). This morning, I played around on my front and back porch with it, but I need some more practice.

green dress (worn as a top) from Old Navy. jeans and flats from Target. necklace via Mom. 

Cheater. Day 7.

Day Seven
Okay so I cheated. These sandals are not in my thirty. But to be fair, I told you upfront I wasn't sticking to the rules on weekends/nights out and I could have been extra sneaky and not even told you what I was wearing this weekend. 

Besides, I made it up to you by having my dear friend Ambika snap this pretty picture in Forest Park. Sure beats the mirror in my bedroom, eh?

I was mom-less this Mothers Day (she was off being super mom watching super brother run in his track meet), so Ambika and I enjoyed sangria, daiquiris, and Mexican food on Hacienda's patio, picked up some treats from Ted Drewes (found a new fave - cherry banana concrete!) and then headed to the fountain at the World's Fair Pavilion in Forest Park for some people (and puppy) watching. Sunday funday indeed. 

white racerback tank from Express. skirt from Tommy Hilfiger. sandals from Target. necklace from Van Heusen. sunglasses from Claire's. 


Weekend White. Day 6.

Day Six
Look at me. I told myself I'd only stick to this challenge with workday wear and here I am, on a Saturday, remixin like pro. This turned out to be the perfect outfit for lunch on patios and napping with the doggies (I'm puppy sitting for my parents this weekend, so I've got double snuggle buddies!).

white jeans, dress (worn as a shirt), and flats from Target. necklace by Linley.


Best Dog Video EVER.

I wish I was creative enough to make something like this with Maverick.

Prints. Day 5.

Day Five
Why yes, that is a printed scarf I'm wearing with my printed shirt. I'm totally okay with it. Actually, I'm more than okay. I think it looks good actually. (Plus, I had to make sure this outfit didn't look too much like the last time I wore it). 

striped top from H&M. jeans, cardigan and black flats from Target. scarf by Van Heusen.


Cinco for Cinco

Five things that make me feel all festive today.
colorful flags like these
Cha Cha Chow taco truck for lunch
the perfect lace sleeves on my Target dress
a craving for one of these
and the promise of one of these after work


I feel like perhaps I've committed a blogging crime not commenting on the death of Osama bin Laden. Aside from a tweet about listening to Miley and a Facebook post about the fake MLK quote, I've made no comment on the subject. I guess I didn't know what to say.

Do I celebrate in the street? Do I quote Team America? Do I (do what other social media junkies did) and talk about how I found out via Facebook and how social media is changing the way we 'break' stories?

Then I saw this post from Lisa M. Engler and knew that it summed up my feelings exactly: 
"Want to pray for the souls of your enemies? Go ahead. Want to chant, “Fuck you, Osama” with a giant mob of college students? Go ahead. The cool thing about America is that we fight against men like bin Laden so that everyone has the freedom to act and react however the hell they want to."
God Bless America.  

This Makes Me LOLz.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Inspired by: Little Tin Soldier. Day 4.

Day Four
I probably should be wearing more color today for Cinco de Mayo.... but this just worked this morning. And I don't want to brag, but this dress has the cutest little ruffle lace sleeves that will show themselves tonight at a Mexican-themed happy hour (location TBA). 

dress, jacket and belt from Target. shoes by Sperry. 

Inspired by: Little Tin Soldier

Looking for something?