Art of the Brick at the Magic House

Last Saturday, my brother and I went to the Magic House in Kirkwood to check out the Art of the Brick exhibit, " a one-of-a-kind art exhibition featuring large-scale sculptures created out of nearly one million iconic LEGO® bricks by New York-based artist Nathan Sawaya."

If you're a fan of art or Lego or design or construction of any sort, you should definitely check this one out. Sawaya's creations vary - some are haunting, desperate, broken. Others, like the castle and Peace by Pieces are bright, cheerful. The exhibit is pretty small - we explored the whole room in about 20-30 minutes, and we lingered - but it is really cool. And let's face it, while you're there, you're going to enjoy the rest of the Magic House too. We did - and we're 23 and 25! Fun for all ages!
The exhibit runs through January 27, 2013. Admission to the Magic House is $9.50. Check their site for hours.


Unknown said...

So glad you posted these photos. I think these are great works of sculpture, but many of the human forms evoke too much mature thematic style. I see adult and complex themes; Not suited as a display for children. Face ripping, agony, loneliness, on the surface, many of these monochromatic forms are mutilated, broken pieces of the whole. While the theme is base and derivative fodder for any freshman-level modern art study, it's not what I had hoped to see for this venue. We'll pass.

Danielle said...

Oh, Mike. Don't let me turn you off this excellend exhibit! Yes, some of the sculptures are more serious - like the ones pictured here - but there are a lot more whimsical, child friendly ones that I didn't share. (I took a bajillion pictures.) I just gravitated towards these because I'm not a kid, nor was I there with children.

There were some other families there and the kids seemed to really enjoy looking at the sculptures. Then upstairs they have a lego area where you can build some sculptures yourself.

Art of the Brick is at the Magic House thru Jan 27, 2013.

- Danielle

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