Go For It

"... Go for it. Go wherever you can afford to go with whomever you can get to go with you."  
- Chelsea Handler, Uganda Be Kidding Me
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Be Someone

Of all the inspirational quotes on Pinterest, this one jumped off the screen at me today.


Like Rock & Roll and Radio

On a Ray Lamontagne high after the concert last night. I've been listening to his new album, Supernova, non-stop the last couple of weeks, but today I'm revisting old favorites. Finding whole new meaning/depth in some of the stuff from God WillingAnd the Creek Don't Rise. 


So Fancy

Minnick Wedding Teaser from TJ Ingrassia on Vimeo.

This weekend was so amazing. Reliving it by liking every photo on Facebook, and watching this video over and over and over.

So fancy. #charlesandmeg


Looking Forward To {June 2014}

  • Whitaker Music Festival at the Botanical Gardens
  • a weekend at the lake with my buds
  • the Minnick wedding <3 li="" nbsp="">
  • Ray LaMontagne at the Fox
  • more ApesHits wins (hopefully)
  • getting back into running (maybe)


Jams, Lately

Appropiately, this Spotify list is called "Lately." I'm still living in the stoneage of AM/FM radio presets, so these are the songs I stop for, turn up and jam out to, or Shazam while I'm driving (I know it's not safe, but I'm guilty).

Looking for something?