World's Fair Donuts

... Or 'Keys to St. Louis: Day 5 / Friday morning'

Is there a better way to start off a Friday than with some classic St. Louis donuts from World's Fair Donuts? (Bonus: This will also make you very popular at the office.)
To be honest, this was my first trip to World's Fair - but with a possible move to the Shaw area in the next couple weeks - it certainly won't be my last. World's Fair is in the Southwest Garden neighborhood, near the corner of Vandeventer and Shaw (conveniently close to 44 by the way). I picked up a dozen - 4 classic glazed, 2 chocolate longjohns, 2 vanilla longjohns, 2 blueberry cake and 2 cinnamon rolls. Something for everyone.

Then the buttermilk cake donut caught my eye. In all the Yelp reviews I had read, this was the donut that was raved about the most. I grabbed one for myself since the box was already taped up and - sorry Atomicdusters - it was awesome. Melt in your mouth goodness, without the processed flavor you get from Krispy Kremes.

... And now I want a donut again.

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Kristin said...

Add this to the list of places I need to visit!

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