Keys to St. Louis: Day 4

the Chevy Malibu makes a stop in Lafayette Square...
 ... for some of the best coffee in St. Louis - Park Ave!
 and then, off to work at (IMHO) the best marketing + design firm in the city - Atomicdust
lunch at my favorite restaurant in St. Louis - Sybergs! Wings may be the specialty, the the chicken strips are my weakness. 
best part of going out to eat? Picking up a copy of Sauce Magazine

Believe it or not, it's been an almost typical week for me. My weekdays are filled with morning coffee runs, work and the occasional lunch date. My weekday evenings are jam packed with events, meetings and social gatherings. Not to mention, this week kicks off the fall TV season.... and I love TV.

So last night, instead of the planned St. Louis Design Week Happy Hour in the CWE, I went home. We made tuna casserole for dinner (odd choice, I know) and watched Glee, The New Normal and Revolution. It was boring, but just what I needed heading into this busy weekend.

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