Lazy Girl's DIY: Metallic Gold Splatter-Paint Balloons

I had seen this on Pinterest a while back and was eager to try it for Megan and Charles' Engagement Party. It's great if you want to do something a little more special/trendy than just latex balloons, but are on a budget. And happy to report it was even easier than it looks. 

You'll need -
  • craft paint (I used a metallic gold)
  • a couple paint brushes
  • water
  • plastic cup
  • tarp or trash bags... or a patio / grass you don't mind getting a little paint on. 
  • latex balloons (I ordered these from a local Party City)

Mix the paint and the water. Half and half maybe? I just guessed until I got a nice, watery texture.

Lay out your tarp / trash bags / some sort of plastic, or if you really don't care about a little paint in your grass or patio feel free to skip it.

For the balloons, I'd recommend getting latex balloons on weights, so you can fold the strings down and get them lower to the ground and not blowing around as much. Makes painting them much easier! I also splurged on the upgraded air that lasts for 24 hours, as opposed to 6 or 7. That gives you more time to get the balloons, paint them, shower to get any paint off yourself, and have the balloons dry before your event.

Then... just start painting. Use your brushes to flick paint at the balloons or drizzle it on top. Make sure you get the tops, the underside, and different angles. I did this for seriously five or ten minutes. No time at all. 

Then I just let them dry for about an hour, whisked them off the the event and let the compliments start pouring in :)

Cheers! A Wine Bar Engagement Party

Was so excited to help plan an engagement party for Megan and Charles a couple weeks ago! Put some Pinterest inspiration to good use with the cake topper, splatter-painted balloons and a wine bottle 'guest book.' I lucked out with this bottle of Falcor, too. The back of the bottle, in describing the wine, talked about how it was a classic with 'strength and longevity' that you'd be able to enjoy for years to come. Appropriate for an engagement party, no?

Party was at Sasha's on Shaw / Cake by Pint Size Bakery with a topper by michiemay paperie / Invite by Blue Bus Creatives / Banner by Cara

Muny 2013: Shrek

All you need to know - Lord Farquaad steals the show. I know he's the villain and all, but I actually found myself looking forward to his scenes. Not to mention, the actor was on his knees the entire time. Impressive.

The rest of it? Meh. I wasn't really impressed. The scenery was really nice, and it's the best use of that digital screen I've seen so far, but the musical itself sort of drags. That's not at all the Muny's fault - the pacing is just off.

The first act ended with Fiona being rescued by Shrek and Donkey. Correct me if I'm wrong - that happens in like the first 15 minutes of the movie, no? I understand the importance of character development, but man, the first act was just slow.

The second act was much better, faster, despite having something like 9 or 10 scenes and 15 songs listed (I was worried, and counting down, obviously). But it all just sort of wrapped up suddenly. When the fairytale characters reappear in the end half of the second act to sing 'Freak Flag' - supposedly the flagship song of the musical - I'm thinking, 'Oh, I forgot you guys were in this show, too.' We hadn't seen them in so long!

Bonus points for the dragon (love me some puppetry), the use of the digital screen, and the casting of 2013 Tony nominee Rob McClure as Lord Farquaad.

Deductions for odd pacing, too many snoozer songs, mic issues and those new fans not being on high enough.

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New York, New York

Ever since my sister and I went to New York a few summers ago for the MTV TJ finale taping, we've had the itch to get back there. We've thrown around the idea of a girls' weekend in NYC with us and my mom, but it's never worked out with schedules or budgets or other travel plans.

But last week, we spontaneously bought two plane tickets (and a bus ticket for Kristin) for NYC in October! 

My trip list (currently) includes a Broadway play (Newsies? Pippin? Matilda?), brunch somewhere fabulous, Shake Shack, Bryant Park, Ellis Island, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, and more time in Central Park. Follow our NYC in October board on Pinterest for more inspiration.


What's Going On.

I've been uninspired to post lately. Am I just busy? Maybe. But I have a 'for the blog' folder sitting on my desktop that is feeling very neglected. I find myself throwing up a few posts here and there with pictures, but nothing as in depth or personal or smart as I (and you) are accustomed to.

So here's what I've been up to lately....

Started doing more public speaking. I spoke about the future of marketing and social media at the FCA conference in St. Louis and then again at the SMCSTL Social Media Workshop. I have been leading social media seminars for an accounting client, teaching their employees about how to use social media professionally and how to contribute to their blog.

Public speaking is something I don't mind to do. It's rather odd, because I used to go so nervous speaking in front of my class. My hands would shake. I would feel like my voice was shaky. But it's gotten easier. I honestly think it had to do with leading chapter meetings in lecture halls in college. I got used to standing up on a stage I guess.

The downside is that it is a lot more work than I think I anticipated. The prep work, the research, organizing the presentation, working with a designer on slides (because apparently, I'm not qualified to create my own...), all it takes is time.

The plus side is that we've added another social media person to the team (hey Ken!) since the speaking is taking up more of our time. I'm hoping that a third person will give us more time for some professional goals I set a long time ago - to refine our research and implementation processes, get Google certified, read more whitepapers and ebooks, participate in more webinars, host our own webinars, blog more, add more value for our current clients, etc. Vague, I know.

Spent more money on home improvement than I have on clothes. Impressive, right? I've bought two rugs from West Elm (for the living room and for the dining room) and a corner bookshelf for the dining room. We inherited a patio set from my parents and bought citronella candles. We got a new roof, and lucky for us - the roofers actually cleaned up our forest of a backyard so it is cleaner than when they started!

Next on the 'wishlist' is a lamp for the living room, a rug for the upstairs landing, rehabbing the bookshelf on the landing, a dresser for the bedroom, and new couches for the living room.

Our lease is up in October, and I'm so not ready to move. I'm trying to make the best of what we've got - even if that includes a tub and sink that barely drains - and even considering a (belated) housewarming party in late summer. If we decide to stay there, that is. I'm not having a housewarming and then moving two months later.

Been busier on weekdays than I am on weekends. Muny Mondays (though it just started), softball Tuesdays, Botanicals on Wednesdays, not to mention meetings for SMCSTL and Lindbergh Schools Foundation. Oh yeah, and grocery shopping or cleaning occasionally, or napping, or watching TV. I barely have time to sit on my couch.

And filling those weekends with trips to the lake. Because, duh. Who wouldn't want to see this every possible weekend?


Drinks, Lately (Vol. II)

Wine at neighborhood watering hole, Olio 
Pizza + beer at Black Thorn Pub
Chips, salsa and Dos Equis at Las Palmas 
 Coffee at Baxter Country Store in Lampe, Mo
Chalic of Busch at Fast Eddie's


Have A Good One

A little Monday encouragement. Have a good week, folks. 


Daddy's Girl

Happy Fathers' Day to the best dad in the world! Love you!

Neighborhood Views

Now that the weather is heating up, we've been enjoying our neighborhood more. Taking walks with Maverick, walking across the street to the Whitaker Music Festival at the Botanical Gardens. I love living in Shaw. 

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