Well Suited

I like blazers. Especially this one. I bought it (and the matching pants) back in my job hunting days, but it hasn't been paired with dress pants or a skirt since then. I like it much better with jeans. Plus, it is super comfortable and feels like I'm wearing a soft hoodie or something. What a trick, eh?

jeans, tee and flats from Target. blazer by Worthington from JC Penney. necklace from Linley

The Time Has Come

It's been raining for days. I'm spending too much money on new clothes. I'm bored. I'm uninspired. I'm wearing white tees to work. You know what that means?
30x30 Challenge time!

My social media twin Megan and I have decided it's time to do another 30x30 Challenge (remember the first time I did one? Way back in February?). In case you need a refresher on what I'm talking about - 30 items of clothing/shoes, 30 days, nothing else, no shopping. Ring a bell?

This time, I decided that I'm limiting it to work wear. St. Louis weather just won't work with a springtime challenge- I'd have to make sure to include shorts, pants, sweaters, and tank tops in my mix, plus, I work in a steady 72 degree office, even though it might be 90 (or 40) outside. It's just too inconsistent.

That means you'll get to see my outfits 5 days a week... unless I get really ambitious and decide to try for weekends too (which, let's face it, is a possibility).

We are starting next week and I still have to pick out my items and make sure they are clean... yikes! Want to join us? The more the merrier!


Rain Rain Go Away

It's been raining in St. Louis forever. Seriously. And it isn't helping my mood. I know I just got back from Colorado, but I need a vacation.

photo via A Cup of Jo

On Target

I was just about to post about how I forgot I owned this black dress (I wore it my sophomore year in college for 'black dress day' for recruitment. Ah, sorority memories) when I realized that almost my entire outfit came from Target. I'm not surprised. It's pretty much the only place I shop nowadays. Who says variety is the spice of life anyway?

dress, cardigan, belt, tights from Target. boots by Chinese Laundry. 


Dear Soda

Dear Soda,
Welcome back into my life. It has been a long, hard 40 days without you. I missed you more than I thought I ever would. I tried substituting you with water, coffee, Crystal Light, even Vitamin Water. I think I even sort of cheated on you with flavored sparkling water once (is sprakling water + juice flavoring the same thing as fruity soda? I still don't know). Anyway, may this grape soda be just the first of many good memories we will share together.

Yours now and forever,

PS: Yes, I did tag this as 'holiday'. Getting to drink soda again is a holiday in my book.

On Repeat

Adele's 21 on repeat today. My favorite song changes everytime I listen to it, but right now 'Don't You Remember' is winning.



This Week Feels Like...

It's been one of those crazy weeks full of ups and downs, stress and comfort, smiles and frowns. It's like this photo... if it was in color, it would probably be bright and happy. But it's veiled in black and white and shadows.

Oh, and it's Earth Day today. And it's a picture of earth. So it's relevant.  

photo via Lisa M. Engler


Next Year

It's official. Next year, I'm spending Easter in DC with my sister and brother-in-law. (If they'll have me, of course!)

via the DC-based blog Rockstar Diaries


Inspired By: Canadian Tuxedo

Sorry if 'Canadian Tuxedo' offends any of my friends from up north (do I even have any friends up North? give me a shout out if I do!). I've been bookmarking all denim looks for weeks now and finally tried it out for myself. I had been waiting to pick up a pair of wide leg trousers, but I tried some on this weekend and they just looked weird. I'm officially hooked on skinny jeans and skinny jeans only. 

denim top by Miley from Walmart. jeans, belt and flats from Target. 

And some of my inspiration:


Inspired By: Prepster

Inspired by my previous post, Prepster. It's funny because I actually have a blue shirt exactly like hers but couldn't find it. Fail.  

Easter Inspiration

 pretty, glittery eggs featured in STL Mag (I'm going to try to make these!)
 in my family, Easter means brunch (photo from Rockstar Diaries)
 tulips via Sterling Style
 fancier treats than necessary (from Sterling Style)
 perfect pink flowers via The Littlest Things
bright cupcake wrappers from Sweet Lulu

St. Pius

Finally made it down the street to St. Pius for their fish fry. The food was great and not too expensive- fish and three sides for $7 or $8 (sorry, can't remember how much it cost. My gentleman paid for me). Some other things worth noting...
  • Potato salad and cole slaw was so so good. Pretty sure we licked out plates. 
  • I had cod and the boy had catfish. Both were great, but my cod was a little cold.
  • Mac and cheese was nothing to write home about. It was sticky. 
  • I got a free Bud Light in line, but I know they also had Schlafly and Budweiser there too (the boy got a Budwesier with a red tab! Is this a new can or something?!)
  • They had Irish music playing! Fun!
  • Everyone was super super friendly. Someone even let us cut them in line. Seriously. 
  • Are there 'no kids allowed' fish fries out there? Sorry. They are kind of loud and annoying. 
Only one Fish Fryday left. Sadface. Anyone know any open on Good Friday? I'm hoping St. Agatha's is, because that's really where I want to go!


Splurge. Save. Skip.

I've bought almost everything on my spring wish list, except a new pair of shorts (or two?) and these little babies. But now I need some advice.
Bensimon lace-up tennies in beige (I think the color in this photo is a little off. Pretty sure they are a lighter beige, not so clay-looking.)

the classic Keds

Or skip all together and just live with my (two pairs of) Sperry's? Come on people, help me out.

My Favorite Castle

As you know, I was invited (via Twitter!) to a blogger's breakfast at White Castle. This is awesome for several reasons...
  1. I love White Castle.
  2. I love free food. 
  3. I love random events. 
  4. I was invited via Twitter!
  5. Did I mention I love White Castle?
Check out my full post over at Girls Guide to the Galaxy (and a giveaway of Whiteys' goodies!) and enjoy a few pics from the day...

 My castle awaits!
 Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich and hashbrowns
Sausage Egg and Cheese sandwich 
 French toast sticks
 Blueberry muffin
 The infamous, iconic slider with egg and cheese
SWAG! Told ya there was a giveaway. Visit Girls Guide to learn more.

Back to School

The boy and I took a trip to the Anheuser-Busch Brewery (wasn't much of a trip, considering he lives just a couple blocks away...) for 'Beer School.' Basically, you pay $10 and get to learn about how beer is made, learn tips and tricks on how to pour it and what kinds of glasses to use, and of course, you get to taste some of AB's finest brews!
We tried to Budwesier, Landshark, Shock Top and Wild Blue.... all of which I've had. But the other people in our group were these two women from Australia and a big group of college kids who didn't seem to drink a lot of beer (when asked what her favorite was, one of them said, 'I don't have a favorite.' What?!). I was fun watching all of their reactions to the beers- especially Wild Blue!

And, listening to our 'teacher' talk about the correct ways to pour different kinds of beers and the kinds of glasses that will enhance the flavor of different beers... it really got me thinking. Beer drinking is as much an 'art' as wine drinking. People think wine is sophisticated and such a science, and they leave beers to kegs and chugging.... But beer is fancy too. So there. 

Oh, and check this out!
Double Pretzel! Ahhhhhhh!


Back At It Again

As you know, I've been thinking about starting up outfit posts again for a while, but Wednesday was the first day I actually took the plunge and took a picture. Weird, since I'm wearing a dress from my 30x30. It's actually the first time I wore it since the challenge ended.... So think  of this as the spring remix version. Swap out the boots and tights for flats and bare legs (they can breathe!). Finally wearing white again is nice too. 

dress, cardigan and belt Target. flats by Corso Como via Swirl (Have you checked out Swirl yet? You should. Sample sales!)

This looks gray. Maybe I was preparing for the pending rain. I don't know. Also, my room house is messy. I should at least clean up around my mirror so you all think it's clean.

beige top from Gap. gray and cream polka dot cardigan from Old Navy. black skinny jeans from Target. flats by Corso Como via Swirl. silver heart pendant necklace from Mom. 


A New Chapter

I have a confession to make.

Ever since the 30x30 Challenge has ended, I've been itching to start posting outfit photos on the blog again.  This is weird and inconvenient for a few reasons...
{1} posting my picture everyday was the main reason I didn't want to do the 30x30 to begin with.
{2} I don't think I'm particularly fashionable and don't want you guys to think I think I am...
{3} I broke my camera. 

But I think I might do it anyway. Not everyday. Just every once in a while. When I feel like it.

Ever since the 30x30 ended, I really do think I put more thought into getting dressed every morning. I have started laying out 4-7 options every Sunday that could get my through the week. I look at the weather and my calendar and figure out which outfit will work the best each day. And sometimes I even plan ahead what shoes and jewelry necklace I'll wear too. It's weird. And out of character for me. But I like it.

And I haven't really been shopping much since my 30x30 ban was lifted! I bought some necessary things - like jeans, boots and a new sweater for Colorado (okay, the sweater was pushing it). I bought some other not-so-necessary things too, but they are staples I've already gotten a lot of wear out of-  a skinny yellow belt, rust-colored flats that seem to match everything, a blue dress I wore for a luncheon and will wear for Easter, a black tee, a gray silk top... Okay, now that I list them, it seems like a lot (and I have my spring wish list on top of that....).

But whatever. I feel like since the 30x30, I am getting more wear out of my clothes. I used to always just turn to my go-to pieces and neglect the rest, but now I'm pulling out pieces I haven't worn in ages or making combinations I otherwise would have ignored. I guess Kendi's 30x30 worked for me.

Any who.... look for some outfit photos coming soon, albeit from my phone and not from a nice camera (or even the semi-crappy camera I was using before).

Sasha's in the Dark


Sunny Disposition

I went through a #weddingwednesday lull there for a while. I guess in the winter there isn't much wedding buzz (although my social media buddy Megan would beg to differ), but now my 'wedding' folder is overflowing with cool stuff to share.

First up, and just because it is so so pretty out today, these sunny photos from Our Labor of Love.


I recently updated the Foursquare app on my phone and while snooping around at the changes, noticed that they now tell you your 'most explored categories.' Wanna guess what mine were?

Bar. Sandwich Place. American Restaurant. Fast Food Restaurant. Pizza Place. 

Yep, sounds about right. 


Spring Wish List

White pants like Sparkle Birds
Something orange ala Linley (good thing I just bought this top from Exit 248!)
Wide-leg trousers like Sterling Style
Also on the list...
  • sandal restock (mine took a beating last summer after a trip to NYC)
  • a black scarf to offset all the bright and light I'll be wearing
  • a necklace with some turquoise in it
  • a flowy, flowery summer dress
  • Bensimon tennies in gray or beige
  • a new belt (or two or three...)

Happy Shopping!

Looking for something?