Salad in a Jar

I've officially succumbed to the salad in a jar craze that's been sweeping the nation Pinterest. It's just a quick and easy way to throw a salad together and know that your dressing won't get your lettuce soggy after sitting all day. I usually make mine the night before, and as you can see, don't discriminate when it comes to jars. Some people use real mason jars or canning jars - but I've used pickle jars (for big salads), salsa jars (for smaller salads) and even a JIF peanut butter plastic jar. 

My favorite salad 'recipe' is generally something like...
  • Dressing: Balsamic/honey/lemon or poppyseed dressing
  • Fruit/Veggies: Some combination of strawberries and blueberries, apples, celery or red cabbage 
  • Meat: Turkey or ham
  • Cheese: Feta
  • Greens: Spinach / spring greens mix
  • Topped off with Croutons or Crackers

And to be honest - it fills me up! Even when I brought the 'small' salad in the salsa jar. Try it! A quick, easy meal to prepare and probably more healthy than that microwave Lean Cuisine.


Camping & Fishing at Onondaga Cave State Park

Spring means camping season! A couple of weeks ago, Joe and I headed to Onondaga Cave State Park (southwest of St. Louis, near Bourbon / Leasburg) for a day of fishing and camping. And no, we didn't visit the cave while we were there - maybe next time! 
We arrived at the park around 2pm, set up camp and ate a quick lunch (sub sandwiches picked up at the Sullivan Walmart) before heading down to the Meramec to fish for the afternoon.  
Joe caught a few fish, Maverick played in the water. I didn't have my fishing license, but was perfectly happy to catch up on some reading and sit in the sun.
We went back up to our campsite around 6pm (camping in the spring when it's light out longer is so much better than the fall!) and started making dinner. We're getting to be pros at this cooking on a fire thing (and by 'we', I mean Joe, obviously). We recently bought a camping cook set with a pot, bowls, sporks, etc (again we = Joe) and it came in real handy. Brats, beans, grilled peppers and broccoli/pasta salad. Nom!



Trying to ward off negativity this morning, but not sure if it's working. Woke up to a freezing cold bedroom, no towel in the bathroom, overdue bills and lots of traffic. Because of said traffic, I could not stop at Starbucks - which was supposed to be my way of hitting restart on the day. Got to work to an upgraded computer that I know longer know how to work apparently, a long to do list, dry hands and bothersome sleeves for typing.

Here's hoping writing it all down here will make it better.

Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.


Stopping By to Say Hello...

... and share this distorted (but interesting) image from my phone as an apology for my 10+ day absence.


Looking Forward To {April 2013}

{Bob Seger concert at Scottrade}
{Pecha Kucha St. Louis}
{a farewell week for a good friend moving to Thailand}

And crossing my fingers for...

  • spring cleaning
  • a camping trip
  • a day at Fast Eddie's
  • fresh flowers around the house
  • plenty of patio weather
  • playing in my new neighborhood, at Tower Grove Park and the Missouri Botanical Gardens


Bring on the Spring

Seems like the cold winter weather is never going to end (hence, the surprise snowstorm in March). Trying to inject some spring into my cold-weather wear by adding a light floral scarf from H&M. 

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