Fall in (Love with) Missouri

"I wanted to use this post as a reminder of just one of the many things I miss about America. Many of my PCV friends speak poorly of my great home state of Missouri, but I think its just because they have never been to a Cardinal's baseball game, spent time in the Ozark mountains or tailgated a Mizzou victory at Reactor Field. Most of all, they haven't witnessed the amazing beauty that is Missouri in the fall, when all of the leaves change from their green color to portray how happy they are that the weather is finally cooling down. I can't even explain the beautiful rainbow like colors I used to see driving down I-70 back to Columbia.
I hope all of you in the great state of Missouri are enjoying this fall season, filled with tailgating, cold beer and HOMECOMING."
-From Cara's blog (She is just about 6 months in to her Peace Corps service in Morocco and even though I miss her, I am so proud of her, inspired by her, and blessed to have someone like her in my life.... even if she is thousand of miles away.)

We No Speak Americano... But We Can Dance.



Tiny and Tattered and Sparkly

So this is not a ring. It is a bracelet. 
But wouldn't it make a gorgeous engagement ring?! 
I think so. Get on it, Prismera



Choosing {a} Design

I'm totally obsessing over {a} vintage poster right now! I saw them on Rockstar Diaries and can't wait to order one.... but how will I choose?
Thoughts? I'm leaning towards the silhouette in this watermelon pink because it reminds me of Barbie.... swoon.

And funny story.... when I wrote 'order one' today, I actually wrote 'adore one' at first. Weird.

Classy Lady

Julia Roberts for Elle


Running Out of Time

It was a cool 66 degrees in my house this morning. That's chilly. Before long, it won't be appropriate to rock this much leg in public.

But I'll probably do it anyway.

From Sartorialist

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I went to the Avett Brothers concert on Friday, and it. was. awesome.

Seriously, such a great live show. The guys have awesome energy and are so very talented. And BONUS: I was introduced to Grace Potter and The Nocturnals who are absolutely, freakin' amazing. I'm in love.

Here's a song off their new CD, 'Paris (Oh La La)':

And here's a live recording (from Bonnaroo!) of 'Joey':

Seriously, words cannot express how awesome this group was. And Grace Potter. Wow-za. Not only can the girl sing, but her wardrobe consisted of a belted, floaty pink dress, metallic necklace and wedges, topped off by a black and silver blazer. All of which she removed by the end of the show, stripping down to a white tank and silky short shorts. What a rock star. (If and when I find a picture, I'll post it for sure!).



Happy Weekend

Heading to the Avett Brother's concert in just 2 hours and I couldn't be more excited. But other than that, I have zero plans for this weekend, and you know what that means..... no pants Saturday.
This post also continues those dedicated to the birthday boy, who insists that Giselle isn't that hot. Seriously?

From Dress Design and Decor


Boyfriends and Bikes

Today is my boyfriend's birthday and I know there are two things that would make him happy today.

{ONE} If I could go back in time to Sunday's Cardinal's game and grab the TWO foul balls that landed under my chair instead of just sitting there like an idiot and watch the people in the rows in front of me and behind me grab them instead.

{TWO} Get the bikes fixed so we can go for a ride. This is his new obsession and I'm not exactly rushing to get this done since- big confession here- I'm not very good at riding a bike. I like the idea of bike riding...  I'm just not good at it. But to motivate me, I've gathered these biking pics (all fo which have popped up on the blogoshpere in the last couple of weeks. I think the universe is trying to tell me something...).

From Dress Design Decor, Design Sponge, Thumbtack Press, Vital on Etsy, Destined to Design, Vanessa Jackman.


Words of Wisdom... from St. Louisans on Social Media

"Our philosophy is that Scottrade is known for its customer service, and we should be able to assist customers wherever they are."
-Kelly Doria, Scottrade

"People feel more connected to you as a company if they have direct communication on an ongoing basis and can voice their opinions."
-Todd George, Pinnacle

"What you're seeing now with communications jobs is that social media is a requirement."
-Mica Veihman, Monsanto

"It's a movement toward organic, human communication instead of just being immersed with advertising"
-Brad Hogenmiller, Social Media Club St. Louis and RehabCare Group

"If you're not paying attention to it and monitoring it, you're losing an opportunity"
-Attorney Craig Moore, Armstrong Teasdale

Read the full story.

Happy First Day of Fall!

And happy #WeddingWednesday, too.

A Little Faith

Listened to this song this morning, and it made me happy.



A Few of My Favorite Things...

I've been a skinny jeans girl for a while now, but this picture from Dress Design and Decor makes me really want some wide-leg, 70s style jeans. So chic. The long brown hair would be nice too...

I really want a statement necklace and think this one from The Glamourai is just beautiful (and crafty! it was all diamond/silver and she colored some of the gems with a sharpie! Well done.)

You may recall that I bought a denim shirt a while back. I was worried it wouldn't get enough wear, but I've actually worn it a few times now and it is nice to see the style showing up for fall as well. I'm even getting the courage to try it with dark denim jeans (jean on jean?! yep.)... We'll see. (Image via Vanessa Jackman)

I was hesitant at first, but right now I'm dying for a sequins skirt like Emily's (Cupcake and Cashmere). I just love how she makes it look so casual (and please note that necklace. Tres cool). I found the perfect one in black at Express that I seriously can't wait for an excuse to buy. 
Emily gets featured twice today (because, well, she's perfect). I'm in love with her leather jacket and am pining over them everytime I go shopping. Last fall, I bought a chocolate brown, cropped leather jacket that I'm vowing to wear more this year. At least until I find an excuse to buy one in black and camel too. 

For more of my fall fashion must-haves, check out my post at Girls Guide to the Galaxy. 

Channel Surfing

Laird Hamilton was on Fantasy Factory last night. Sigh.


Evolution is a #Win

Guess who got the new Twitter? Me. 
And guess who really likes it? Me. 

Puppy Love

OK Go,
You are freakin' brilliant. This is exhibit A, and B, and C.

OK Go, White Knuckles
LOVE this photo. Seen here, heard from fellow former TJ contestant John Thrasher.


Seeing Red

Love Kanye, Love this song. Love him at the VMAs. 

Who do I think won the Taylor/Kanye throwdown? That's easy. I explain here


Happy Monday... Really

I had a solid weekend- brewery tour and pretty little empire at Art Outside at Schlafly BottleworksThe Post to watch a Mizzou victory, winery trip on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and a stop in at the Mexican Independence Festival on Cherokee. And plenty of TV watching, of course (as is necessary for a weekend).

What make it even better is the week I have ahead of me- three Cardinal's games, another PLE show perhaps, an engagement party and family coming in town this weekend! Makes Mondays sort of easy, eh?

Images via Dress Design and Decor


We Have To Go Back

Just to reitterate, my parents are in Mexico. I went to Mexico once (actually twice), and (sigh) it was wonderful.


An Anniversary of Peace

It is strange now to think of kids knowing the word 'terrorism.' To me, as a kid, that word didn't exist. That threat didn't exist. Heck, forget just childhood, that word didn't exist in my vocabulary before my freshman year in high school.... and we all know what happened next. 

It is strange to think of the U.S. pre-9/11. A U.S. without a daily terror alert, without those yellow ribbon magnets on people's cars, without intense security checkins at airports. September 10, 2001 was our last day of peace. 

From George Kennedy's piece in the Columbia Missourian:
"Do you remember what you were doing nine years ago Friday? I don’t either.
Maybe we should, because it turns out to have been our last day of peace — our last day before 'homeland security,' before daily casualty reports from endless wars, before shoes off in airports, before perpetually elevated threat levels...
Of course, life as we knew it was about to crash. But who knew? Attorney General John Ashcroft that day released his list of seven top priorities. Counter-terrorism was not among them.
Time magazine for 9/10/01 carried an interview with Secretary of State Colin Powell. Asked whether he saw Saddam Hussein as a threat, he replied, 'I do not lose a lot of sleep about him late at night.'"
And just as a side note/explanation, I know the picture is sort of corny. But post-9/11, I did something similar with an American flag at a St. Louis Rams game (okay, it was pretty much the exact same thing) and I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Plus, football season is upon us and I can't help it. (Photo featured on The Pioneer Woman)


It's On

Alexa Chung fascinates me. I'm honestly not really sure where she came from or what she did before getting her own TV show on MTV, but she incorporated Twitter into it, so of course, I loved it (PS: How do I get my own TV show on MTV? Oh yeah, I think I missed that chance.... darn).

Anyway, she's got this great new clothing line that I'm just in love with.

Busy Bee (Continued...)

Life just got a little busier....

You're looking at the new Web Director for the St. Louis Area Delta Gamma Alum chapter! Here's hoping  I can make this website a little bit... better.
And maybe add some Facebook/Twitter action in there too? You know I can't resist....

Oh, and I'm also self-appointing myself 'webmaster' for the Mu Chapter Lectureship in Values and Ethics at the University of Missouri. This includes a Facebook page and, eventually, a website!

Summertime Girls are the Kind I Like

You love fun dip and cherry Coke,
I like the way you laugh when I tell a joke
When I met you I said my name was Rich
You look like a girl from Abercrombie and Fitch

-RIP Rich Cronin


Home Improvement

I feel like I haven't posted about home improvement/interior design in a gazillion years.... Here's what has caught my eye recently:
I have a hideous Easter egg-colored bookshelf in my house right now (sorry, Kristin) that needs some reviving. I love the idea of doing a print in the back with a neutral color like this. 
Love this half white/half graphic print wallpaper....  Very cool. 

I love mirrors (mainly because I think I'm gorgeous and love looking at myself....). No, really. I want a space like this with mirrors all over the wall. 

I want this. That is all. 
From, where else?, Design Sponge

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