Winter Break, Day 1

Woke up without an alarm today. Had coffee in my new Twitter-inspired mug while I watched the finale of Alpha House in bed on my iPad. Read the Amy Poehler/Tina Fey-edited EW while I watched The Getaway on Esquire, cuddled on the couch with Maverick.

Took a long shower. Blogged.

Met friends for Mexican food and beers. Reminisced. Gossiped. Vented.

Had a belated Christmas dinner and present unwrapping at home with my family, and then went to the movies to see Saving Mr. Banks.

Then it was home again for crafting, cleaning and blogging, apparently. And I didn't check my work email once.


RIP Eric "Guitar" Davis

Some of my greatest nights were spent at Beale on Broadway in awe of your guitar skills. Thanks for the memories. 


Beach Packing Guide (via 'Love You, Mean It')

Although, this guide has me leaning towards Mexico or Greece


I get the itch to travel. It's a blessing and a curse (on my coworkers and my wallet).

Tonight, I emailed a friend/excellent travel companion about planning a trip sometime after March. You see, in that single month, I've got a baby (not mine), a wedding (not mine) and a big reunion (that I'm co-chairing), so thinking about a trip just cannot happen before April. Initial thoughts are Greece (because, YES), Pacific Northwest (because, let's face it, it's due for a visit), Mexico (because it's easy) and Alaska (because… why the hell not).

I should be saving to visit my brand new niece that will be arriving. Or my brother in North Carolina. Or maybe I should just be waiting to see what happens with other things in my life… but nope. I'm going for it. And by ;going for it' I mean, I'll start thinking about it in April.

If anything, it'll earn me some great frequent flier miles, right?


None Of This Is What Matters

Unpacking boxes, trying my best to put things in a place they might belong. Constantly reminded of what's missing, where things used to go. Putting up Christmas decorations that last saw the light in such a happy home. 

I can fill this place with stuff, but it's still missing someone. I'm still missing someone. 

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