Tan. Blonde. French. Perfect.

From Design Work Life

Home Sweet Home

I'm this close to finally moving out of my parent's house (see ya Mom and Dad!), and can't get my mind off filling my new digs with...

  • Rugs, like these
  • Bookshelves, like these
  • A kitchen stocked with Nesquick, snap peas, frozen chicken breasts, bagels, orange juice, Pepsi, milk, Shop N Save's chicken salad, veggies, fruit, chips and salsa, lil smokies, little salamis, cream cheese...
  • The Hoover vaccuum that my mom hates but I love
  • A spot by the door to put my purse, keys, and coat
  • A little clutter (or a lot...)
  • A Mizzou flag hanging by the door (hinging on the fact that I find a place with my own front door....)
  • Wine bottles (both full and empty)
  • Things for Maverick (my dog, FYI): his dog bed on the floor, even though he will never lay on it because he will be in my bed or the couch; a dog house for him outside, which he probably won't use either; a spot for his dog bowl right outside the back door... or maybe in the kitchen, dog treats galore on top of the fridge (i'm babying him, aren't I?)
  • Pictures. Everywhere. 
  • An iPad (in my dreams)
  • DVR
I've got it all planned out.... now if only I could find the perfect place to live...


My Kind of Nursery

Who says a nursery has to be boring, baby stuff? At that age, isn't the place more for mom anyway? Absolutely love this nursery featured on Design Sponge. It is bright, but still has a classy feel too. And works for a boy or a girl (or a grown up).


OMG. an iPad.

Hmm. Don't think so.

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Comment back? Add as friend? Doubtful.


My one and only wrecking ball...

I know I missed #musicmonday, but I just have to rave about Brandi Carlile for a minute...

I loved her from the moment I heard 'The Story' a couple of years ago and just last week finally got out to buy her new CD, Give Up the Ghost. 

And. I . Love. It. The hard part is picking just one song to feature here. So I decided to make it easy and just got with the first song on the CD, which also happens to be one of my favorites... 'Looking Out'

I close my eyes I think of you, I take a step I think of you, 
I catch my breath I think of you, I cannot rest I think of you 
My one and only wrecking ball, and you’re cutting through my 
walls. When you’re outside looking in you belong to someone and 
when you feel like giving in and the coming of the end, like 
your heart could break in two, someone loves you.

She is seriously amazing. Check out her website, and please, donate to my Bonnaroo fund so I can see her in concert!


Black and White and Sexy all over

Absolutely in love with these Marilyn images featured on Dress Design and Decor.

If only one pieces were still considered this sexy...

I don't know what I'm doing. Help me figure it out.

I have a problem.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. "Danielle, you've got tons of problems. You blog too much, you live with your parents, your hair is in an awkward in between stage..." But this is serious.

I work in a field/industry that (in my opinion) is totally undefined. Sometimes, that is nice. I like evolving. I like learning new things. But I want business cards. I want a title. I want some definition. And lately that seems impossible...

In a nutshell, here is what I think I do:
Through research and collaboration with my company and clients, I work to develop and implement social media marketing strategies. I manage my company's online presence- acting as the voice of my agency. I generate content for our blog, and distribute ad promote it on various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. On the client side, I help them find their social media voice, helping them make the most out of this ever-evolving platform. 
I also do my fair share of proofing, phone-answering, general errand-running, and clever YouTube video-viewing. 

Here are some titles I see floating around out there of people in my 'industry': 
Social Media Manager, Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Specialist, New Media Manager,  Emerging Communications Manager, Online Media Specialist, Online Communications Strategist, Social Media Strategist, Internet Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Marketing Coordinator, Social Media Strategy Manager, Online Account Executive, Online Media Executive

Do any of those match what I do? I don't know, you tell me. Seriously


Oh, just a Gorilla.

I've seen a Gorilla walking down the street before too. Ask me and I'll tell you that story some time. I wonder if it's this is the same guy? Ha.

Old Yeller

O.M.G. The yellow kitchen of my dreams.

(Except I would replace those colorful framed photos with black and white travel shots.)

From Design Sponge

POLL: Should I buy this shirt?

What do you think? Should I buy it?

I can imagine wearing it with white shorts, but not much else? Any ideas? And it isn't as 'western' looking in person. They also have it in lighter and darker denim. It's really 'affordable', but I'd hate to think I"d only wear it one way...

Any and all opinions are welcome.

Orange you wishing this was your childhood bedroom?

I think orange accents may be a new obsession of mine. This is the second time I've been drawn to the color (check out the first). Something about the color just looks new and fresh, yet isn't jarring against neutrals.

From Design Sponge


Roo for Lou

Since the chances of me getting to go to Bonnaroo are slim, I'm determined to at least make it to LouFest right here in STL at Forest Park.

Some people I'm excited to see...
Lucero (featured on One Tree Hill Vol. 3!!)
Kim Massie (a local Beale Fave!!)
She & Him (w/ Zooey Deschannel!!)
Airborne Toxic Event (you probably haven't heard of them... good thing I have and I love them)

I haven't heard of the other acts, but after reading their bios online I'm totally psyched! Must. buy. tickets. now.


Jump in

I always say that I'm going to jump in a pool/ocean in my wedding dress and pictures like these just make me want to more... how dreamy.

From A Cup of Jo


Someone isn't listening to me.

I hate this tweet:
Working to integrate business with social media? Contact me for analysis, advice or for providing content.
Analysis and advice? Fine. But 'providing content'? Seriously?

I get that people do this for clients, but I'm still not okay with it. If only they had read my blog post. Being real in social media is my number one rule.

So many colors... so little cash.

Frye low tops
Inspired by A Cup of Jo

Aloe Blacc's 'I Need a Dollar'

Sweet song. Check.
Cool opening credits. Check.
A show with Bryan Greenberg. Double Check.



Blazer love

It's no secret I'm obsessed with blazers. I neeeeed these.

And yes, three out of four of those are from the same gal- Emmanuelle Alt of Vogue. I'm jealous of her killer style and long dark hair. Let's trade lives.

From Cupcakes and Cashmere and Dress Design Decor

Peep peep

Covers (of books I've never read)

Penguin redesigned some British classics from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. I've never read a single one of them, but here are my favorites from each decade. Can you guess which is which?


An Ode to Bookshelves

Seriously, I am bookshelf-obsessed lately. and not those nice, organized, alphabetized, borderline-OCD kind. I'm talking about the messy, full of character and books I may or may not have ever read, floor-to-ceiling kind.

From Dress Design Decor, Design Sponge, Destined to Design

Welcome April

Finally, a new desktop calendar! April's design from Design Sponge.


Yes, this is technically TV-related and should be posted on my TV blog, Addicted to Television, but I really only like it for it's cool type... so that means it goes here.

Glad I could take you all on that little journey thtough my thought process.

I have to go the THIS bathroom

This bathroom combines all my current interior design kicks:
gray/black walls
1960s'70s, bright tile in bathrooms
classic prints on walls

From Design Sponge

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