Ultimate 90s-2000s Playlist on Spotify

Are you a twenty something who loves pop music that reminds you of middle school and high school? Yeah, I thought so. 

I've been known to high jack quite a few jukeboxes with my 90-00's pop obsessions, and now I'm taking over your Spotify too. 

Britney. Backstreet. Blackstreet. Cleopatra. All Saints. Alien Ant Farm. Yep, it's all there. 

You're welcome.


Girls' Night Inspiration

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SAG Awards 2013: Best Dressed

Best in black: Tina Fey, Elisabeth Moss, Amy Poehler, Michelle Dockery, Julie Bowen
I usually don't like Tina Fey's fashion choices. It just looks like she's trying too hard sometimes. But this was great. I know she was going for a retro feel, but I wish they hair was a little softer and less height in the front though. 
Love that Elisabeth went short and kept it simple in sequins. Love the pink nails too!
To be honest, I usually think Amy Poehler looks terrible on red carpets. Her dresses are always ill-ill fitting or her hair always looks greasy. This was the first time I actually thought she looked sexy. 
Michelle Dockery, rockin' the classy side boob. 
She doesn't get a lot of love, but I tend to really like Julie on the red carpet. This leather look was really cool.

Best in blue: Amanda Seyfried, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence
The first person I saw on the red carpet that actually impressed me enough to tweet about it. 
I thought this was really boring.... until I saw the hemline. Makes it interesting, and less prom. 
I'm a sucker for navy. Didn't notice that weird hem until she pulled it open accepting her award....

Best from the waist up: Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington
I loved both of these looks... until I got to the bottom half. Anne's had that weird sheer/length thing. Kerry's had a design down the side. I think both would have looked better with simple, straight cuts. 

Brightest new star: Kiernan Shipka
I mean. Adorbs. Like a little Barbie doll. 

Check out Addicted to Television for more TV opinions. 


The Magic of Instant Blueberry Muffins + Banana

You guys. Did you know how easy instant muffins are to make? I know, I know, the 'instant' should have given it away, but seriously. I had no idea.

All you need are a few ingrediants and 20 minutes to throw it all together.
I did a little Googling and found a whole bunch of other ways to spruce up instant muffin mix. Add almond extract, pecans, other fruits, etc. Personally, I think it would be really good to sprinkle some sugar or brown sugar on top of the muffins a few minutes before they're done to make a crispy sweet toping (like you'd get at a bakery!). 

Am I copping out not making them from scratch? When I have a whole world of Pinterest recipes at my disposal? Probably. But these are easy. And cheap. And pretty much fool-proof. 


I May Be Obsessed with Planning

I know I'm an over planner and struggle with spontaneity but I've never experienced the kind of restlessness I've been feeling lately.

I'm not really planning any vacations or parties or big events in the coming months. I find myself dreaming up vacations constantly. In fact, the other night I looked up plane tickets to Greece, just because I was curious.

I'm antsy. And I'm bored. Which is silly because I have so much that I could/should be doing!

So tonight, as my house is a mess, Christmas decorations' boxes are still out and I don't have a clean pot, pan or fork in sight... I decided to play host to a girls' night in party next weekend.

Totally normal. Stupid, but normal. (Right?)


Good Read: Mindy Kaling

I read a lot. A lot of blogs, ebooks, whitepapers and magazines, that is. Not a lot of books. So it is rare that I get to recommend a book to others. 

I picked up Mindy Kaling's book at the airport in LA. I was out of magazines and had already read the Southwest magazine and the Skymall and knew I needed to entertain myself for a couple hours on the plane. (Do you like how I just had to justify a reason for reading? Sad.)

The weird thing is - at the time, I wasn't really impressed with Mindy's new show on Fox, I was never a big Office fan, and the comparisons to Tina Fey do nothing for me because I'm not a big Tina fan (cue the outrage, I know. I'm like the only person on the planet that doesn't think that Tina Fey is god. While I'm disappointing you, I also don't like the Beatles.)

And, like I said, I don't read a lot. I do, however, find that I enjoy books that are more of a collection of short stories. Tucker Max, Chelsea Handler, Flannery O'Connor. And yes, I realize two of those authors are pretty much just about drunken/ridiculous shenanigans. (Come to think of it, Flannery's stories are pretty wild, too.)

Maybe because it is easier to digest a chapter or two at a time, than trying to invest in an entire book. Because I can set it down and if I forget about it for a month, It's not like I will have totally forgotten the whole story. I like that episodic nature.

So I guess that by very structure of the book, Mindy and I were meant for each other. The book is a collection of.... thoughts. Sometimes it is one page. Sometimes it is 20. It's stories and opinions about relationships, about work, about whatever the heck she feels like.

And it's awesome. I found myself nodding along as I read it, like 'I hear ya, sister.' I think we basically have the same brain. Or maybe we're both just unmarried 20/30somethings that really like our jobs and have overactive brains that we can't turn off and form strong opinions about some things that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things (ie random rants).

Anyway, you should read it. Especially if you are a 20/30 something. I think you'll like it.

And for the record, The Mindy Project really grew on me and is now one of my favorite shows.

Dear Glitter Guide (and other websites),

I love you, really I do.

But you're making it really hard.

First of all, your whole post does not populate in my Google Reader which means I have to click through to read it. Which means I usually don't.

And then when I do, I'm bombarded with a 'sign up' pop-up even though I am already a subscriber via email and RSS.

And then when I make it through that to read '5 Things to Try This Weekend' or another one of your stellar features, I have to click through each of the five things. I understand you are trying to up your pageviews to appeal to advertisiers, but you're ruining the reading experience of your visitors along the way.

Oh, and every time I click through to see the next 'thing'? There's that pesky pop-up again! Seriously?!

Written with much love and adoration (and frustration),



Dreaming of...

A warm, cozy bed. Hot chocolate. A clean house. A clear to do list. Oatmeal cream pies from Pint Size Bakery. Leftover chinese takeout. A good book. A bunch of magazines. Endless TV.

Not a care in the world.

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This Week {1.17.13}

{unseasonably warm weather in January is a good excuse for iced coffee}
 {Saturday morning errands for the win}
 {successful SMCSTL meeting at Kaldi's Roasting facility}
{A Better Life products at my local grocery store now!}
{new tennies, just in time for a 60 degree Saturday}


St. Louis City Hospital

“When I was eleven, my parents drove the family downtown. We arrived from I-55 south, and exited at Lafayette Avenue. There, in the form of the abandoned City Hospital, I saw first the ferocity of so many forces that forged and ruined the city. My young mind was blown by the sight of this rambling complex, which then still had its 14-story tower, and the mysteries it begged me to seek. I was struck with terror and awe, because never had I seen anything as frightening as a hospital shuttered and derelict, and never had I seen a hospital designed with such deliberate beauty and purpose. I had to learn why it existed, and why it existed as I had found it. Never has my work stopped.” 
- Michael Allen
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On Spontaneity

I've been thinking a lot about spontaneity lately. It's something I'm often criticized for. That I over plan.  That I can't do anything without a list. That I can't just do anything on a whim, go with the flow.

And I guess that's true.

I make a list, room by room, just to clean the house. Grocery shopping aisle by aisle and going 'off the list' stresses me out (and often, pisses me off). Packing for a trip usually means a pile of scribbled down notes to plan my outfits. I've got folders in gmail for every organization I'm in, every trip I'm planning/planned, and every bill I've paid. I want to know what time we're going somewhere and what we're doing there. With who. Why. How are we paying. Who's driving.

But here's what I think. You can't be spontaneous without over planning. You can't go with the flow without being responsible. You've got to be organized. Otherwise.... you're just being irresponsible.

You can't just book an impromptu vacation without first knowing how much money is in your bank account. You can't just invite friends over on a whim without first having a clean house.

You can't have one without the other.


Golden Globes 2013: Best Dressed

Best in black: Kate Hudson, Kat McPhee, Kristen Wigg
Best post-baby bod in color: Claire Danes
Best new kid on the fashion block: Kerry Washington
 Best hair, makeup, smile: Anne Hathway

Check out Addicted to Television for my Golden Globes snubs and surprises. 


"You wait, little girl, on an empty stage..."

This dress from Target reminds me of Leisel in Sound of Music. So naturally, I have to have it.

A Year Ago Today... Morocco & Rome

A year ago today, I started my Moroccan/Roman adventure. I still can't believe it happened, or that it has been a year. What a trip. 


This Is My Life

"It’s the oldest story in the world. One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without your ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life." 
— Nathan Scott
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Prabal Gurung for Target. Coming 2.10.13

That floral blazer will.be.mine.

 Learn more about Prabal Gurung for Target and mark you calendars for 2.10.13.

Nathan Sawaya's 'Iwo Jima'

You may remember that this fall I went to see Nathan Sawaya's 'Art of the Brick' at the Magic House in St. Louis. Well, look what popped up again at the Marine Museum on our trip to DC?

Very cool.

Read more about Sawaya's work on Fast Co Create. And see the Magic House exhibit in St. Louis thru January 27th.


St. Louis Central Libary

Had the chance to visit the newly renovated Central Library over the holidays and can't wait to go back and explore more (particularly in the St. Louis room on the 3rd floor).


Resolved, for 2013

Wear heels more often. 
Drink more water. 
Take better care of my skin, hair and body. 
Cook more. 
Clean more. 
Be a better friend. A better sister. A better daughter. And a better girlfriend. 
Have more girls nights, coffee dates, dinners and drinks. 
Less excuses. 
Be active. 
Be motivated. 
Be better. 
Be present. 

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And there it goes. Another year. Another Christmas. Another New Year's. Another Holiday Party. I'm going back to work tomorrow, and once again, it's too quick. 

Looking for something?