The Ballad of Love and Hate

Hate stumbles forward and leans in the door.
Weary head hung, eyes to the floor.
He says "Love, I'm sorry", and she says, "What for?
I'm your and that's it, Whatever.
I should not have been gone for so long.
I'm your's and that's it, forever."
You're mine and that's it, forever.
As if I don't talk about Avett Brothers enough... this song currently has my hypnotized. The story is just heartbreaking and heartwarming all at once.


Super Man


The List

{three jackets}
 {five pairs of shoes}
 {three dresses}
 {four cardigans & one hoodie}
{eleven tops}
{two pairs of jeans and one skirt}
How did I make my list?
I started off by listing my 'go to' clothes (striped tee, khaki blazer, every cardigan I own). Then I listed some items that I love.... but haven't worn very much, or at all (pink ruffle shirt, blue floral dress). And then I listed some items that I am determined to mix into my wardrobe more often because I love them so very much (sequin skirt, I'm looking at you).

Hmmm. Doesn't that come out to way more than 30 items?
Yes, yes it does. It came down to about 50 actually. I started cutting out spring-y pieces (goodbye yellow tunic) and things I always fall back on (goodbye long gray cardigan). I tried stuff on and mixed it and matched it to make sure it would work for 30 days, and eventually, I whittled the list down to 30.

Are you nervous?
Not about the remixing. I am actually looking forward to that. What I am nervous about is...
{a} missing my non-thirty items
{b} not shopping
{c} having enough 'night' options. I work in a casual office, so I basically have two separate wardrobes.
{d} posting a picture of myself on here everyday and you guys laughing at me... so be nice please.

Will you cheat?

I know it is really dumb to go in to a new challenge with a bad attitude, but I'm a pessimist realist. Not too mention, there's this little holiday in February called Valentine's Day and I'm kind of sort of hoping I'll be doing something that might require a nicer item than my thirty consists of. Or maybe I'll be at White Castle's. That'd be okay too.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited/anxious/psyched about this.... but can't believe it is already starting tomorrow! eek. Wish me luck.


City Arch River

I didn't get to attend the Arch planning meeting on Wednesday (because I was at the Firebird celebrating my losing of nomination of an RFT Web Award), but I did get a chance to read through Ben Evans' blog post on the event. Here are a few things that get me all excited:
  • Extending the 'urban hallway' into the city
  • Old-time carousel in Kiener Plaza
  • Suggestions of a Ted Drewes downtown 
  • Beer garden in the Gateway Mall
  • Remote kiosks to buy Arch tickets instead of descending into that underground museum
  • City-facing, ground level, glass entrance to the Museum of Western Expansion, which will feature new and renovated galleries
  • Gondolas and other ways to enjoy the mighty Mississippi
  • The notion that the Old Courthouse and the Arch together create a 'great "urban moment"'
  • The idea that improvements to the Arch grounds will only help the rest of our city's amazing attractions... after all, the whole point was to 'connect the City to the Arch to the River'!
Check out Ben's full post over at St. Louis Energized.

Party Time

Any other 30x30 girls feverishly trying to wear their favorite clothes now before we are banned from doing so in February? Because I am!

This is what I wore Wednesday night for the RFT Web Awards party at the Firebird. I got this skirt the same day as my sequin skirt (even though I was there looking for a plain black skirt.... shopping fail). The only other time I've worn it was on my birthday and so I considered including it in my 30, but alas, it didn't make the cut. 

skirt and top from Express. cardigan from Gap. tights from Target. boots by Steve Madden. necklace from Miley's line at Walmart (it was actually connected to a top! two for one, nice!). 


Happy Birthday!

No, it's not my birthday. It's my blog's birthday! One year ago today, I took the plunge and started Another Blog from Danielle.

I was really nervous about starting it... I already had a blog and contributed in other places and wasn't sure I needed to/wanted to commit myself to something else. But boy am I glad I did. I'm pretty sure without this blog, I probably wouldn't have been recognized by MTV or RFT. I probably wouldn't have as much to tweet about or made the 'blogging' friends I have. And I wouldn't have taken the plunge and decided to buy my denim shirt.

I don't know what the next year has in store for me, but I know the one constant is this blog. And you guys reading. And I think that's pretty cool.



May: The Month of CARA

My BFF Cara is a Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, but this May she will be here. With me. In Amuricah. I can't wait. 

Oh yeah, read her blog! She has the best insight on life... and pretty pictures too. 

Winter Blues

My first official kinda-sorta-amateur fashion blogger post! I'm wearing stripes today for Everybody Everywear, but you can consider it a preview since this striped top is in my thirty. I have sort of a sick love affair with it. One time, I was showing the boy what new sheets I wanted and he said, 'Well, yeah they look just like your shirt.' 

I guess when you wear a shirt enough that people start to call it 'your shirt' even when you're not wearing it.... that's a problem. 

On a side note, this morning when I went to let my dog out, it was snowing... again. Thank god they were just little flurries because I've seriously had enough of this icky weather.

[UPDATED! I forgot I'm supposed to say where I got my clothes. Oops! Cut me som slack, I'm new at this!]

top from H&M. jeans  and cardigan from Target. boots by Chinese Laundry. no clue where that scarf came from, sorry!


Practice Makes Perfect

I've really been stressing about taking pictures of myself for the 30 for 30 Challenge. First of all, I'm not a good photographer. And second, I don't live with anyone to take my picture, so I have to rely on timers and level surfaces that are the exact height to get me/my outfit in the picture.

Oh, and I broke a button off my camera last week so now I can't adjust the settings. Oops.

This weekend, I set out to practice a bit. Let me show you how it went. (Hint: Fail.)
Attempt #1: Mirror. A bit blurry, right? Like I said, some settings are messed up and I can't change them. Erg. Oh, but please notice I'm rocking the shorts/tights look (first timer!). But please try not to notice how my shorts are bunching up like a diaper in this pic... 
 Attempt #2: Self timer. I didn't know what to do with my hands. But doesn't my outfit rock? You're missing a view of the mismatched socks (It was laundry day).
Attempt #3: Back to the Mirror. This time, without a tilt; but with a weird look on my face. 
Attempt #4: Self-timer again. These pictures are obviously better quality, but we've got a new issue. Maverick gets really excited when I'm standing in the middle of the kitchen smiling and tries to jump on me.


I watched The Social Network twice this weekend. Twice

I think you know why. 


This Weekend

If I put a list of things that need toget done this weekend out here for all to see, that means I'll do it, right? Right?

[EDITED with what I actually accomplished.]
  • Make some Christmas (and post Christmas splurging) returns
  • Pray that Netflix gets the final disc of Season 2 of Fringe to my house (it did not come.)
  • Watch said disc and have mind blown
  • Watch other DVRed TV and be sad it isn't Fringe
  • Do the dishes
  • Clean the bathroom and kitchen
  • Put away the Christmas decorations (started but didn't finish.)
  • Frame and hang pictures
  • Go grocery shopping (forgot bread)
  • Have a girl's dinner at Cheeseology 
  • Do laundry to get ready for my 30 for 30 challenge
  • Take pictures of my 30 for 30 items to post next week (took some... not all)
  • Puppy-sit for the parentals
  • Go see the Pretty Little Empire show at Off Broadway
  • Play in the snow
  • Try not to die in the snow (in case you can't tell... I lived.)

Plaid Me

My dear faithful (and fashionable) readers, 
Please help me pick which plaid option to get from American Apparel. I just can't decide. 


Need. This. Poster.

see it bigger here

Taking on a New Challenge

I just took a giant step in my blogging life and signed up for Kendi's 30 for 30 Challenge

Basically, you pick thirty items from your closet and those are the only items you're allowed to wear for thirty days. Oh, and you're not allowed to shop either. It is supposed to teach you to shop your own closet instead of rushing out to buy new clothes all the time. And considering I currently have two full closets and at least six full laundry baskets of clothes laying around my house, I think I could use a little lesson in downsizing.

Now, I know I blog about fashion from time to time, but I do not consider myself a 'fashion blogger.' Which makes this extra-special tough for me. I rarely post pictures of myself on this blog, and now I'm about to post a picture of myself every. single. day. Talk about Danielle-overload. Jeesh.

I've already brainstormed a list of 30 38 45 50 30 items, so I'm going to try to not wear those for the next couple weeks. Because starting February 1st.... those will be my only options (yikes!). To be honest, I'm less worried about the remixing and more worried about missing my other clothes...

Be on the look out next week for a post with my thirty magical items (all the '30 for 30' posts will be under the 'the 30' tag), pending I get some laundry done this weekend.

(If you don't like all the fashion stuff, too bad for you just hang in there. I'll still be posting my regular rants and raves on everything from design to food to music to random YouTube videos.)

Everyone's Horoscope

from Mashable


Well Lookey There

Just when I thought nothing could top 2010, Riverfront Times had to go out and release their nominations for the first (annual?) RFT Web Awards. And guess who made the list?

Yep, yours truly!

I was nominated for 'Best Use of Twitter to Promote a Personal Brand' alongside a few other amazing tweeters- @dloesch, @michaeltomko, @TheRiseToTheTop and @clairecmc (yes, that's the Senator). Pretty nuts.

I'm psyched to be in such cool company, and thankful to whoever nominated me!

The Sound of Music

I must be on a music kick this morning. I listened to Bruno Mars and Avett Brothers before work (I know, quite the variety), downloaded Tallest Man on Earth and Adele before 9 am, and hit the free download jackpot over at Blah Bethany.

And then I stumbled on this new video from She & Him. What a great day.

She & Him - Don't Look Back from Merge Records on Vimeo.


Colorful Carpet


Oh, and a couple of little long black dresses:

Suit Up

Almost made me wish I had to wear suits to work everyday. 


Jammy Nap Nap (or so I wish)

After a weekend of concerts, puppy playtime and Sunday funday, I'm exhausted. Sort of wish I had the afternoon to snuggle in bed. Sigh.

via dress design decor


If you frequent this blog, you know that I'm pretty much obsessed with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals. Well, this Friday at her concert I realized I had a whole other reason to love her.... she wrote her song 'Colors' right her in STL while spending the day at the Zoo. Niiiiice.

This is the greatest time of day
When all the clocks are spinning backwards
And all the ropes that bind begin to fray
And all the black and white turns into colors


What Did I Rock for NYE?

With a white tank, black chain necklace, long black cardigan, black tights and black pumps. 

Sorry there are no good pictures of my wearing this in real life, but I'm looking for options on how to wear this sparkly skirt again. And you have to help me. I'm thinking about wearing it to the Grace Potter and the Nocturnals concert tomorrow night, with tights, flat boots, and a blazer... but I don't know. Might be too cold outside and too hot inside. 

All I know is, I need to wear this skirt again. NYE is over. Birthday is over. And no big events (worthy of a sequin skirt) on the horizon. Help. 


Just Another Cute Video

This video has been floating around the interwebs, and I'll be honest. I didn't care. I didn't think I needed to see another kid singing a song. Another acoustic YouTube masterpiece. Another dose of adorableness.

I was wrong.


Bedankt! Dank je wel! Dank u wel!

(Supposedly that's how you say 'thank you' in Dutch. Hmmm.)

A big thank you goes out to everyone who voted for my friends Courtney and Chris for the NIVEA contest. They were reuntied in NYC this year for New Year's Eve and had a fabulous time (or so they tell me. I wasn't there).


The Best Belated 'Best Of' List This Side of the Mississippi.

Ugh, I've been feeling majorly unmotivated lately. I thought after a nice long break from work over the holidays consisting of watching a lot of TV and eating a lot of candy I would be ready to get back to real life but I am so so not. All I want to do is sleep in. I can't find enough hours in the day to watch TV. I've barely blogged. I even have this obligatory 'best of' post sitting in the wings, unfinished, that I was really excited to write and now don't really care about.

Maybe it's a sign I should just look forward to 2011, instead of backward at 2010? Or maybe I'm just in a funk. 

Either way, 2010 was a good year for me....
  • I got a job working with blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the internets, which is fan-freakin-tastic. 
  • I moved into my own place, and despite some mishaps (major gas leak, anyone?) I haven't destroyed the place yet. 
  • I acquired a new sidekick in the form of a boy.... some people call that a 'boyfriend'
  • A producer from MTV called my cell phone.... which then led to me participating in a contest to become MTV's first ever Twitter Jockey... which meant my sweet little face was in local newspapers, websites, St. Louis Magazine, Show Me St. Louis, not to mention on actual commercials on MTV. It also meant I got to meet a bunch of great new people, take a little trip to NYC (my first!) and go to the live taping of the TJ finale. 
  • I took a number of random little road trips to Kansas City, Columbia, Grafton/Alton, Missouri wineries, Tablerock Lake... and a not so little, not so random road trip to DC to visit my sister and brother-on-law for Thanksgiving. 
  • I discovered lots of new things to like.... Foursquare, Hootsuite, Groupon, Avett Brothers, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, Ray LaMontagne, Mumford and Sons, Treme, Boardwalk Empire, The Sing Off, Pretty Little Liars, Chopped, Bored to Death, cardigans, flat boots, Marcel the Shell...
  • I got an iPad. And a MacBook Pro. And Apple TV. (Thanks Atomicdust). 
  • I decorated my very own Christmas tree (with borrowed ornaments). 
  • I taught my dog how to sit while I'm putting his leash on him, how to sneeze and howl on demand and how to cuddle with me on the couch. Big steps
  • I started this blog. 
  • I said goodbye to Lost... and my world didn't end. 
  • I ate, drank and ate some more at wonderful places like Broadway Oyster Bar, Sasha's, Atomic Cowboy, Molly's, Robust, Local Harvest, Kota, LeGrand's, Blueberry Hill, Tap Room, Bridge, iTap, 33 Wine Bar, Par, Lola, Herbie's, Benton Park, Feraro's, Pi and some many more. Yes, even 1860s. 
  • I started reading more blogs than is probably humanly possible. 
Dear 2010, you were a blast. Let's hope your sister, 2011 (what? the year feels pretty feminine so far...) is just as good. 

Happy (sort of) New Year!


So Many Emotions

I can't stop laughing at JamesVanderMemes.com and the accompanying Funny or Die video. Oh, Dawson.

Oh, for the record, my favorites on the site are 'sheer panic', 'snarl', and 'babyface'.



How's this for a resolution?

from Design Work Life

(I know I've been absent from this blog for quite a while and you probably want to know how my Christmas was and what my New Year's resolutions are and if I ended up finding the perfect sequined skirt for NYE.... all that will come I swear. Patience, my friends.)

Looking for something?