Pajamas. Day 18.

Day Eighteen
Just when you thought my photos couldn't get any worse....

Apologies for the big black hairball ruining this picture. Maverick was especially needy this morning and wanted to be in every shot. I think he wanted to go back to sleep. I know I sure did. Good thing I'm wearing the equivalent of pajamas today - oversized flannel shirt + worn in jeans = heaven. 

jeans and cardigan from Target. flannel shirt from American Apparel. boots (I swear I'm wearing them) by Steve Madden. 

Whoa. I just saw that last year, almost to the day, I posted about how much I loved the U.S. Olympic snowboarders' gear. Hmm look familiar? Twinsies!

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Sara Louise said...

my pet made an appearance in last night's photo as well! lol- I'll be posting it in a sec, I just thought it was pretty funny

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