I do what I want.

What better way to prove my MTV TJ worthiness than to share with you my top 20 favorite music videos (that is what MTV is all about right? music?)!

These are in no particular order, just twenty of my favorites, released (just for fun) at ten to the hour, every hour, for the next 20 hours. Get ready.

To get us started, we are going with the masters of viral videos- OK Go, 'Do What You Want'

I know I could've gone with the classic treadmill video, or the crazy science experiment, or even their newest crazy awesome video, but this is the video (and song) that started my love affair with the band, so this is the one you get. Enjoy!

And stay tuned to right here and on Twitter for the rest of my favorite videos!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I've seen other videos of theirs but not this one. Pretty worthy of the fave video nom.


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