On Spontaneity

I've been thinking a lot about spontaneity lately. It's something I'm often criticized for. That I over plan.  That I can't do anything without a list. That I can't just do anything on a whim, go with the flow.

And I guess that's true.

I make a list, room by room, just to clean the house. Grocery shopping aisle by aisle and going 'off the list' stresses me out (and often, pisses me off). Packing for a trip usually means a pile of scribbled down notes to plan my outfits. I've got folders in gmail for every organization I'm in, every trip I'm planning/planned, and every bill I've paid. I want to know what time we're going somewhere and what we're doing there. With who. Why. How are we paying. Who's driving.

But here's what I think. You can't be spontaneous without over planning. You can't go with the flow without being responsible. You've got to be organized. Otherwise.... you're just being irresponsible.

You can't just book an impromptu vacation without first knowing how much money is in your bank account. You can't just invite friends over on a whim without first having a clean house.

You can't have one without the other.


Kristin said...

Who is the planner in our family that we got this from? I "over"plan everything too, and also go room by room on my "to clean" list. I even make my grocery list according to the aisle it's located in... Seriously, who gave us this neurotic gene?

Danielle said...

I blame mom for the cleaning lists and dad for everyone else.

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