The Magic of Instant Blueberry Muffins + Banana

You guys. Did you know how easy instant muffins are to make? I know, I know, the 'instant' should have given it away, but seriously. I had no idea.

All you need are a few ingrediants and 20 minutes to throw it all together.
I did a little Googling and found a whole bunch of other ways to spruce up instant muffin mix. Add almond extract, pecans, other fruits, etc. Personally, I think it would be really good to sprinkle some sugar or brown sugar on top of the muffins a few minutes before they're done to make a crispy sweet toping (like you'd get at a bakery!). 

Am I copping out not making them from scratch? When I have a whole world of Pinterest recipes at my disposal? Probably. But these are easy. And cheap. And pretty much fool-proof. 

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