SAG Awards 2013: Best Dressed

Best in black: Tina Fey, Elisabeth Moss, Amy Poehler, Michelle Dockery, Julie Bowen
I usually don't like Tina Fey's fashion choices. It just looks like she's trying too hard sometimes. But this was great. I know she was going for a retro feel, but I wish they hair was a little softer and less height in the front though. 
Love that Elisabeth went short and kept it simple in sequins. Love the pink nails too!
To be honest, I usually think Amy Poehler looks terrible on red carpets. Her dresses are always ill-ill fitting or her hair always looks greasy. This was the first time I actually thought she looked sexy. 
Michelle Dockery, rockin' the classy side boob. 
She doesn't get a lot of love, but I tend to really like Julie on the red carpet. This leather look was really cool.

Best in blue: Amanda Seyfried, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Lawrence
The first person I saw on the red carpet that actually impressed me enough to tweet about it. 
I thought this was really boring.... until I saw the hemline. Makes it interesting, and less prom. 
I'm a sucker for navy. Didn't notice that weird hem until she pulled it open accepting her award....

Best from the waist up: Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington
I loved both of these looks... until I got to the bottom half. Anne's had that weird sheer/length thing. Kerry's had a design down the side. I think both would have looked better with simple, straight cuts. 

Brightest new star: Kiernan Shipka
I mean. Adorbs. Like a little Barbie doll. 

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