St. Pius

Finally made it down the street to St. Pius for their fish fry. The food was great and not too expensive- fish and three sides for $7 or $8 (sorry, can't remember how much it cost. My gentleman paid for me). Some other things worth noting...
  • Potato salad and cole slaw was so so good. Pretty sure we licked out plates. 
  • I had cod and the boy had catfish. Both were great, but my cod was a little cold.
  • Mac and cheese was nothing to write home about. It was sticky. 
  • I got a free Bud Light in line, but I know they also had Schlafly and Budweiser there too (the boy got a Budwesier with a red tab! Is this a new can or something?!)
  • They had Irish music playing! Fun!
  • Everyone was super super friendly. Someone even let us cut them in line. Seriously. 
  • Are there 'no kids allowed' fish fries out there? Sorry. They are kind of loud and annoying. 
Only one Fish Fryday left. Sadface. Anyone know any open on Good Friday? I'm hoping St. Agatha's is, because that's really where I want to go!


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is a new can for Bud. My mom gave my hubby and his friends samples a few months ago and they had to give their feedback on it.


Danielle said...

oh awesome! I'll have to let him know!

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