Morning Musings (9th Ed.)

When I read "done," I read it as "don"- as in "donut" and I blame Strange Donuts.

The other night, I got a paper cut from a cardboard box. Brutal.

I care about Real World more than any 27 yr old should.

I have been wearing jeggings so often, it's hard to remember to unbutton my pants when I go to the restroom.

I'm busy. And it's all my fault.

Sometimes I have Pinterest boards I love so much and just want to stare them into fruition.

My Grandma used to proofread the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and send it back with edits. Lately, I'd like to do that with TV Guide.

I should be over winter… since I, you know, hate it. But I have a lot of sweaters that need to be worn more before we move on to spring. (I will regret that I thought/wrote this, I know it.)

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