Close Call. Day 11.

Day Eleven
We're having a rough start over here. First, I seriously considered skipping the challenge today and wearing a T-shirt. Then, during my mini 'photoshoot' on my back porch, my brand new camera fell off the railing. Oops. It didn't break (thank God!), but I really need to look into getting that tripod... 

And then I had to run by Target to pick up some things before work and the Starbucks inside was closed. Why would it not be open at 8am so I can get my iced coffee fix? Fail. 

jeans, flats and necklace from Target. top from Walmart. 

Oh, and just for your viewing pleasure, here's the series of photos my camera took as it tumbled.
These make me laugh. 

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muddybuddy said...

haha thanks for sticking to the challenge - hope your day goes better and that you got some iced coffee in you! the series of camera fail pictures are great... glad your camera didn't die!

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