Recap 16-30 + Final Thoughts

I definitely like these last fifteen outfits better than the first fifteen. I guess I just needed to get in the groove of things... and now it is over. Weird. I seriously cannot imagine what I'm wearing tomorrow. All I can think about is my flannel shirt. Or denim button down. Or black sweater. I really need to rediscover the rest of my closet. 

What I learned from the 30x30:
  • I really like my clothes (still). Hard to believe that I could wear the same items for a month and not be sick of them. 
  • I do not need so many clothes.
  • When you aren't shopping you can spend your money on important things, like Chips Ahoy. 
  • It's way easier to get dressed in the morning when you're choices are limited.
  • Less clothes means less laundry. Which I like
  • Planning ahead will shave serious time off your getting ready time. 
  • I need a haircut (still). 
  • I need to go tanning (still). 
  • I need a nicer camera (still). 
  • I need to decorate my apartment (still). 
  • These 'outfit of the day' fashion bloggers deserve way more credit for taking time out of their day to take good pictures and share so much of themselves on the internetz. 
So, have I converted to the dark side of fashion blogging? Sort of. I'm not completely sold on the idea of posting a picture of myself on the blog everyday... but maybe if I get something new and want to share it. Or have a special event going on. Or get a better camera. Or is an Everybody Everywear day. But I really don't think I could see myself doing this every singe day (I hope y'all will still follow me though! I promise to post cool stuff!). 

Would I do the 30x30 again? Depends. I honestly cannot see myself doing a spring or summer one because so much of it depends on layering... and let's face it, layering is not an option in the summer in St. Louis. I might be able to pull it off just for work outfits, but my spring and summer wardrobe is pretty much sandals with a dress or tank and shorts. 

So there you have it. 30x30 is over. Hello, rest of my closet!

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CC said...

I agree- it is hard work to get a good picture up every single day. I am so ready for the rest of my closet back though that I might be so excited I want to post a pic everyday, ha!

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