Lots of Me. 1-15 Recap.

Here we are, halfway through. It's been a lot of skinny jeans, flats, cardigans and very bad photographs. I don't really see that changing in the next 15 days though....

I actually think I was doing better in the beginning of this challenge than I am now, but I'm blaming being out of town and getting sick. Oh, and just for the record - I only have two unworn items left! Not too shabby. 

Which looks are your favorite? I'm partial to 5, 7, 10 and 12. 


muddybuddy said...

i love 5 & 12!!

Shoe said...

I love outfit 10! Good luck with 30 x 30... I finished mine some time ago and almost died. Hahaha.. on the plus side, you'll be able to roam in your closet when it's done :)

Danielle said...

Thanks Shoe! I actually did my first 30x30 back in February and I know what you mean... my closet seemed HUGE after it was over!

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