Inspired By: Canadian Tuxedo

Sorry if 'Canadian Tuxedo' offends any of my friends from up north (do I even have any friends up North? give me a shout out if I do!). I've been bookmarking all denim looks for weeks now and finally tried it out for myself. I had been waiting to pick up a pair of wide leg trousers, but I tried some on this weekend and they just looked weird. I'm officially hooked on skinny jeans and skinny jeans only. 

denim top by Miley from Walmart. jeans, belt and flats from Target. 

And some of my inspiration:


Anonymous said...


Small internet world- I actually know Tania from What a Nerd Would Wear in real life.

Danielle said...

Whoa! that is nuts. small internet world, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it though? She's friends with John.

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