Busy Bee

I was reading Chris Brogan's post about all his responsibilities, and, in addition to making me feel less than productive, it made me hope that someday I will be as ambitious (albeit, busy) as he is. Here's what's on my plate now...

  • Online Account Coordinator at Atomicdust
  • Editor at Girls Guide to the Galaxy
  • Blogging on my own at Addicted to Television and here at Another Blog from Danielle
  • Board member (and future scholarship coordinator!) for Mu Chapter House Corporation
  • (Possibly) Volunteer Coordinator for Run for Sight 2011
  • (Possibly) Web Director for Delta Gamma St. Louis Alumnae Chapter
  • Committee member (and possibly 'webmaster') for Delta Gamma Lectureship in Values and Ethics at the University of Missouri
  • Chairman of the Mu Chapter 105th Anniversary Celebration (in 2014)
  • frequent attendee of Social Media Club STL, STL Women in Media (possibly a board member?), and other random tweetups and meetups
  • good friend, good girlfriend, good daughter, good sister, good dog owner (perhaps the most daunting of any of these tasks...)
So I guess I do have quite a few responsibilities, even though a lot of them are 'possiblys' and/or way in the future....

Here's to being busy (and productive!). Cheers. 

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