Fall in (Love with) Missouri

"I wanted to use this post as a reminder of just one of the many things I miss about America. Many of my PCV friends speak poorly of my great home state of Missouri, but I think its just because they have never been to a Cardinal's baseball game, spent time in the Ozark mountains or tailgated a Mizzou victory at Reactor Field. Most of all, they haven't witnessed the amazing beauty that is Missouri in the fall, when all of the leaves change from their green color to portray how happy they are that the weather is finally cooling down. I can't even explain the beautiful rainbow like colors I used to see driving down I-70 back to Columbia.
I hope all of you in the great state of Missouri are enjoying this fall season, filled with tailgating, cold beer and HOMECOMING."
-From Cara's blog (She is just about 6 months in to her Peace Corps service in Morocco and even though I miss her, I am so proud of her, inspired by her, and blessed to have someone like her in my life.... even if she is thousand of miles away.)

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