Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

I went to the Avett Brothers concert on Friday, and it. was. awesome.

Seriously, such a great live show. The guys have awesome energy and are so very talented. And BONUS: I was introduced to Grace Potter and The Nocturnals who are absolutely, freakin' amazing. I'm in love.

Here's a song off their new CD, 'Paris (Oh La La)':

And here's a live recording (from Bonnaroo!) of 'Joey':

Seriously, words cannot express how awesome this group was. And Grace Potter. Wow-za. Not only can the girl sing, but her wardrobe consisted of a belted, floaty pink dress, metallic necklace and wedges, topped off by a black and silver blazer. All of which she removed by the end of the show, stripping down to a white tank and silky short shorts. What a rock star. (If and when I find a picture, I'll post it for sure!).


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muddybuddy said...

yes, i'm so obsessed, too! glad that someone else can finally share in my addiction :)

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