Boyfriends and Bikes

Today is my boyfriend's birthday and I know there are two things that would make him happy today.

{ONE} If I could go back in time to Sunday's Cardinal's game and grab the TWO foul balls that landed under my chair instead of just sitting there like an idiot and watch the people in the rows in front of me and behind me grab them instead.

{TWO} Get the bikes fixed so we can go for a ride. This is his new obsession and I'm not exactly rushing to get this done since- big confession here- I'm not very good at riding a bike. I like the idea of bike riding...  I'm just not good at it. But to motivate me, I've gathered these biking pics (all fo which have popped up on the blogoshpere in the last couple of weeks. I think the universe is trying to tell me something...).

From Dress Design Decor, Design Sponge, Thumbtack Press, Vital on Etsy, Destined to Design, Vanessa Jackman.


Joe said...

I like the bottom most picture.

Danielle said...

Me too... Think I can wear that on your 12 hour bike ride to Rocheport? ha.

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