A Dilemma: The Gym

I was just sitting here, as I drink my beer at work at 6:20pm, of how I had planned to go work out after work tonight.

I hate going to the gym after work. Actually, I can't really say I hate it since it has only happened a few times in the last year. You see, I much prefer working out in the morning. I have no problem getting up early and going to the gym at say, 6:30am (except when that problem is sleeping over at the bf's house because then I don't get back to my house til about 7am, but that's a whole other dilemma). I've already been having issues with my gym opening at 7am because that just isn't enough time. I get there, get going, and have maybe 20-30 minutes of cardio before I need to leave again to get ready for work.

Please do not point out to me that I could get ready for work at the gym. If you are saying that you are either (a) a boy or (b) have really short hair. I refuse to lug shower stuff and makeup and a blow dryer and clothes with me to the gym every day. And that coming from a girl that only half-dries her hair and doesn't have to dress too nice for work! It's just a pain in the ass. And I would have to plan my outfit ahead of time.

Anyway, I have been blaming my not going on the gym lately on the fact that it opens at 7am and that gets me home around 7:50 and that gets me to work around 8:50am. And while I don't have to be there til 9am, I would much rather get in at 8:30 or so everyday.

So there's that.

But what prompted this blog post is that my gym just called me and they are now not opening til 9am on MWF. 9-freaking-am. Can you believe that? The only days they are open at 7 is Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So do I cancel? Or does it really matter because I can still go to the gym T/Th in the morning, which is more than I go now anyway.

The issues is I LOVE my gym. It's women's only. It isn't too far from my house. It is small. IT is never crowded (hence, probably, the change in hours). They have TVs on the treadmills and elliptical. The staff is nice. I just love it. I've actually been meaning to write a blog post about how much I love it for the past few months I've been going there.

So again, I ask, do I cancel? Or do I just plan my workout around these new hours? Work out in the mornings T/Th, and the evenings the other days..... as if I'd actually work out that much anyway.


Kristin said...

Stick with it and plan on going on Tuesdays and Thursdays! It's hard to find a good gym close to home and 2 days a well is better than none. Just take a walk after work on a few other days!

Mike Roberts said...

Buy a bike and ride to work. All the cool kids are doing it... And me.

Hayley said...

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