Chicken Tacos with Red Cabbage and Chipotle Aioli

Made these the other night for dinner and they were delicious! I will say, they were missing something. I had bought black beans to make to go either inside or as a side, but couldn't find a can opener. Fail. We had them with grapes, which was not only a great healthy side, but also a fresh break from the spicy sauce on the tacos. 

The chicken: 
I had actually made this the weekend before for camping and had it in my fridge ready to go, so that was easy. It's just grilled chicken with salt, pepper, chili powder and then pulled. 

The slaw:
I used half a red cabbage, which made approx 5 tacos. Heated a little olive oil in a pan and tossed in the chopped red cabbage. Let that wilt a bit, then added some apple cider vinegar and stirred. Sprinkled with salt, pepper and sugar and stirred again. Pretty good for me just guessing!

The sauce:
Disclaimer - I have no idea if this qualifies as an aioli or not. I just mixed mayo, garlic, chopped chives, lime juice and chipotle powder until I got the taste I wanted. 

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