Camping at Meramec State Park

The other weekend, our new Marmot tent finally made its debut! We went down to Meramec State Park for a little fishing and camping adventure. It's not exactly roughin' it - there's an outhouse, a shower house, cleared spaces for parking and fire pits.... but hey, you've got to start somewhere.

If you recall, last summer, we went fishing at Meramec State Park, and then camped there again in the fall. It's just an hour south of St. Louis, so it's really easy for us. Far enough away to feel like a trip, close enough to not waste a weekend driving.
Yes, this was the weekend of the big storm in St. Louis. And yes, it rained on us. But that was it. I'm actually glad that we were camping and not at home. There was no hail, no strong winds, barely any lightning or thunder! Just heavy rain! Lucky for us, we ate dinner pretty early and, of course, recently splurged on that nice new tent and ponchos... and I brought my rain boots, because I'm a genius. 

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