Lent is Over.

Another Lent come and gone, another set of resolutions mostly failed... Here's how I did this year.
Drink water. Accomplished! Thanks to Atomicdust pint glasses, I downed at least three glasses of water every (week)day during Lent. Hope to keep this up,
And only drink one coffee a day. Accomplished! There was maybe one or two days that I had more than one cup, but I doubled my water intake those days... so it's okay.
Organize my closest(s). Still in the process. Check out my purge.
Spend two hours a week cleaning my house. Failed. But I'm going to try harder. I started ready this blog for inspiration - http://unfuckyourhabitat.tumblr.com/
Exercise. Renewed my gym membership... last week. Hey! So what, I'm a procrastinator. It's a start though.
Only one lunch out per week. Eh... I think I only did this one week. Oops.
Wear heels out. I did it more than once! That's improvement.
Clean out my car..... no comment.
No online shopping.... no comment.
Go into work early at least once a week. This conflicts with going to the gym in the morning, but I've still made it in at least by 8:30am once a week. Not bad.
Read a book.... ha. This is funny. Yeah right.

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