The Great Closet Purge of 2012

It's a fact: I have too many clothes.

My entire life, my dad has told me that. He would wonder how it was possible that I had anything to wear when all of my clothes were on the floor in my room. Wonder why I bothered - oh, who am I kidding? - why HE bothered to buy me clothes when I didn't take care of them.

And now, here I am wondering the same thing.

Truth (horrible, terrible, embarrassing truth): I have two closest upstairs, a walk-in storage closet downstairs, five overflowing baskets of clean/dirty clothes and a load in the dryer. And a full dresser and set of drawers. Oh, and I'm sure a bunch of random, misplaced clothing items in my car.

This is no longer acceptable.

I am 25. I'm spending money investing on nice clothes (as in JCrew final sale nice). I'm thinking about someday, maybe, possibly, oh I don't know, loving with another human being and sharing his space. And unless we move into Mariah Carey's apartment, I doubt it will have to closet space (or paid laundry service) to accommodate me.

So... The Great Closet Purge of 2012 is born. It's not gonna be pretty.

Step #1: No more hangers. I told myself last time I picked up more hangers at Target that I was an enabler. That that would be the last time I bought hangers. Let's stick to it. If I can't fit all my clothes on the hangers I currently own.... Then I have too many clothes.

Step #2: Start the purge by pulling clothes that just aren't that cute. Thinking of it as a 'he's just not that into you' for clothes. Ive tried getting rid of stuff before and always get hung up on 'well that might be cute if' or 'when I am skinnier'. I get overwhelmed and give up. This (first) time around, I'm just asking myself, "Do I really like that? Even if I was a size zero, would that be cute? Do I look at it and think 'it could work'? Or do I look at it and think it works'?"

So far, I've made a little progress. I've got a few items moved over into the banishment closet, where I'll then decide if they are Plato's Closet-, Goodwill-, or offer to friends-worthy.

I've got a long way to go.... One, or in this case, two steps at a time.


Every Little Thing said...

Good luck! It's a valiant endeavor and one I need to do better with myself!

Megan said...

let me know if you want to sell anything to me! i'd gladly take the rejects off your hands :)

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