Back At It

red jeans, scarf, gold watch from Target. striped tee from H&M. brown vest from Old Navy. boots by Bogs

Honesty Alert: I was thinking about stopping my outfit photos. I just wasn't feeling it anymore. I was bored with what I was wearing, what I was writing... I didn't like reading my old posts and figured if I couldn't even entertain myself, how was I entertaining anyone else?

But then a couple friends told me they liked the posts and didn't think I should stop. And then Kayla announced another 21 10 Day Challenge. And I thought, what the hell. Let's give it another go.

Will it last beyond these ten days? Will it even last these 10 days? I'm not sure. (Especially since I think I broke my camera this morning. You'd think I would have learned that porch railings and wind don't mix.)

Oh yeah, and ignore the TORNADO behind me. Between moving all my furniture, Christmas, packing for a two-week vacation and returning from said vacation.... my house is a dis.as.ter.


Sweetened Style said...

Very cute outfit. I love the stripes and red pants! Hope you can stick it out for 10 days...you seem to have great style! :)

Emily of Boston said...

Woooo woooo love the red pants!

I went through the same "Oh my goodness... I'm so sick of taking outfit photos" phase. I'm still in it, as long as I don't have inspiration coming from someone else (Pinterest, Winter Challenge, etc).

Don't stop, though! We can team up and come up with one idea a week, or every other week (or something), to keep us both motivated! Want to? :)

Faulkner's Ranch said...

Your style is super cute. Hope you stick it out for the rest of the challenge. I can't wait t see what you come up with!

katie said...

Well, first off, you're wearing red pants, so I love your outfit(and stripes to boot? Bonus points!)

I understand where you're coming from, I'm new to fashion blogging, but a large reason why I started was because I was bored with wearing the same thing, every day, and ignoring a good 95 percent of my wardrobe. (pathetic, I know.) After resolving to take outfit pictures everyday, I'm getting better each day with pulling stuff out of the closet and trying things together I never would have though of. Just pulling stuff out of my closet, seeing what I have, and then trying everything on really helps me with insperation.

And now that I wrote a book, I wish you the best of luck, it really stinks when you feel like you're in a rut of sorts. I hope you keep going forward, your style is quite cute.

Rebecca said...

Love your stripes and vest! Very cute!

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Kayla Moncur said...

Awesome pattern mixing! That scarf was meant to be with that striped shirt.

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