Back in the US of A!

I'm home!

Well, sort of. I'm in Newark, NJ waiting on a flight home, hoping the crazy wintry mix in St. Louis holds off until later this evening. After being up traveling for almost 18 hours and twelve days away from home... I'm so ready to be back.

I've never been so grateful for toilet paper, the English language, and not having to pay for things in coins. Also grateful for cough drops and Kleenex right now, as it appears I've picked some sort of cold in Italy. Think it is unacceptable to call in sick from work after missing ten days? ;)

Lots of blog posts/pictures to come in the next few days....

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Kristin said...

I should have warned you about that... getting sick that is. I've heard that a lot of people get sick when traveling abroad and airplane air doesn't make it any better. Probably has to do with the exhaustion of traveling and such. One of our instructor in Greece got SUPER sick for a few days and cold meds weren't helping :( Feel better and yay for being home!

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