Sunday Dinner at The Block

Important question: How long has The Block been open? And why on earth didn't anyone tell me about it?!

The Block is a new(ish?) establishment in Webster Groves that has a unique twist - it's a restaurant and butcher shop. And it's gooooooood
We were starved, so what started off as a quick dinner before Sunday night TV started turned into a three-course meal and a bottle of wine. For starters, we had the potted pig appetizer. Pork confit + cranberry and apple chutney + bread + pickled veggies. Oh lord. So good. 
Our entrees were heavy on the meat (of course). He had the chef's cut beef (which was a ribeye) with garlic herb fries, and I had the pork chop with sweet potato + bacon hash and braised greens. 
You'd think we'd be stuffed, right? Of course we were. But we couldn't resist the bread pudding. Banana + walnut + chocolate and a little dollop of vanilla ice cream? How can you say no to that?
And I just have to add - I had read a few Yelp review before I went and people seemed to be blasting the beer menu, saying it was too short. I actually think it's pretty decent - maybe eight or so of the typical brews (Bud Light, Sam Adams, etc.) and eight or so local breweries. And a lot of people failed to mention that they have a pretty extensive wine list. Maybe the 'bar and butcher' part of the name throws people off to thinking this is more of a pub atmosphere. It's not. It's fine dining. I love beer.... but I most certainly enjoyed a glass of red wine with my pork chop.

Meat lover? Go to The Block. Thank me later. 


Roots Out West said...

The Block is so close to where I live and I have been itching to go check it out.

Danielle said...

It was SO good! I know some people who went on a Saturday and it was really crowded... but we went on Sunday and it was empty. Can't wait to go back!

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