I find myself reading very few 'Best Of' lists this year. I don't know why. Maybe I'm feeling nostalgic for last year when I got to put 'I was on MTV' on my own 'best of' list. Ah, 2010. The glory days.

For real though, 2011 was a weird, roller coaster year. Call it growing pains. Being 24 is not easy. I struggled with my living situation, my relationships, and keeping the balance between work and life.

That being said, I'm trying to look on the bright side. Diablo Cody once wrote that the year was like a Sham-Wow - prone to occasional suckage, but mostly bright. 2011 was kinda like that.
  • I watched the Cards win a World Series, and getting my picture taken with a few of the players
  • I went on an amazing trip to Colorado
  • I found Pinterest
  • I started to do outfit photos
  • My mom got a new puppy
  • I watched some great friends walk down the aisle
  • I saw my Dad fly a helicopter
  • I spent many a weekend at the lake
  • I had an amazing summer in St. Louis
  • I went on my first grown-up fishing and camping trips
  • I joined the board of directors of the Lindbergh Schools Foundation
  • I visited with my best friends when they came in town to visit (now I just need to repay the favor!)
  • We moved in to a new office. However, I have a feeling that no matter where I was working from, coming to work at Atomicdust everyday would be an amazing privilege. 
  • I went on a 'work' trip to Baltimore
  • The boy and I enjoyed planty of impromptu winery trips, movie dates and fancy dinners. 
I'm ready for 2012. Bring it. 

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