New Obsession: Tower Grove Farmers Market

I've always liked the idea of farmers markets. But getting someone to go with me, getting cash to pay and getting up that early on the weekend.... that's a different story.

Saturday, I actually dragged my butt up and made it down the street for the Tower Grove Farmers Market and it changed.my.life. I'll be getting up every Saturday possible from now one.

Reasons why it is awesome:
  • Lots of local food. Not just fruits and veggies. And nothing with stickers posing as the real thing. There were the typical fruits, veggies, spreads, jarred goodies but also chocolate, coffee, tea, even meat! 
  • Live music brought to you by KDHX
  • wading pools/fountains for kids (and adults?) to play in
  • a playground (with swings!)
  • lots of food to buy and eat on the spot, including, but not limited to tacos and crepes! Umm, breakfast and lunch plans? Check!
Pictures to prove it:
Tents in a row & the Holy Crepe truck
Playing in fountains
Peach, goat cheese, honey, arugula crepe and banana nutella pop from Holy Crepe.
Relaxing in the grass with my goodies. 


Hilary Ayers-Kurtz said...

This looks and sounds fantastic! We have something similar where I live and its my favorite thing to do on the weekends!

Hilary Mae

Every Little Thing said...

I go to the Edwardsville one every Saturday. I've been to the Maplewood one as well and it's fantastic. You can literally get almost all your groceries there (and I do!).

Danielle said...

Too bad you girls don't live by me to come with me! I just hope I'm not the only awkward one going alone :)

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