What's 'Fish' in Spanish?

Before I get to all the Colorado-y goodness, I must tell you about the fish fry I went to last week (Seriously, I've been waiting a whole week to blog about it!).

My fish fry excursions this Lent have been underwhelming practically nonexistent. I went to the St. Simon's fish fry, which was less than stellar; and another week, I went to Burger King. Fail. But last week, I went to St. Cecilia's, which is located conveniently close to my house (bonus!). Oh, and it is Mexican.

Yep. A Mexican Fish Fry. 

For $10, you pick two entrees and two sides. I had the cod (just your typical yummy fried filet) and a stuffed chile with fries and mac and cheese. It was all delicious. The chile (chile relleno) seems to be one of their specialties. It's stuffed with cheese and fried.... and when does THAT ever fail? They also had salmon which looked really really good too! (Check out their menu for more.)

They had Mexican beer for $3. 

They had live entertainment. 

They didn't have enough tartar sauce. We had to hoard a bunch of packets for ourselves. 

I forgot to take a picture of the food before.... this is the aftermath. 

What really blew me away about this fish fry was the hospitality. Sure, the line was long, but along the way you could pick up drinks (beer!) and chips and salsa, and everyone working was so super nice. They had music playing and girls doing traditional Mexican dancing the whole time. Their priest even got on the mic and thanked everyone for coming. And they do this every Friday. 

I sort of wish Lent was all year round so I could make time to go back again. 


Anonymous said...

I was there last night and it was AMAZING. The transformer blew outside and the fire department and amerenEU came. They had the lights turned down and the Ac off and the priest had everyone pray that the electricity didn't go out. It did for about 20 minutes which made the night even more memorable.

Danielle said...

Oh, that's awesome. Also, I've GOT to recommend St. Gabe's (for the food alone, it was awesome) and St. Agatha's (for the best bang for your buck - $6 for a HUGE piece of catfish, pasta, fries, cole slaw, AND potato salad!).

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