Weekend Update. Days 5, 6, 7 + 8

Day Five: dinner and drinks with girls
tights, socks and cardigan from Target. boots from Victoria's Secret (sorry, I don't remember who made them!). dress from Old Navy. necklace from Miley via Walmart. 

Day Six: the outift that didn't really happen
Confession. I did not wear this out of the house but for five minutes. I made it halfway across the street and almost died on the ice, so went inside and changed into my flat brown boots. Winter sucks. 

sweater from Gap. jeans, socks and gold necklace from Target. boots from Victoria's Secret. 

Day Seven: Superbowl Sunday
jeans and black tee from Target. plaid shirt from American Apparel (you picked it!). boots by Chinese Laundry.  

Day Eight: pink ketchup and mustard
Last week, Katie posted her ketchup and mustard-inspired look and I decided to go for it too! Although, I've never seen pink ketchup.... 

jeans and ruffle top from Target. cardigan from H&M. boots by Chinese Laundry. no idea where that belt came from...

Oh, and you're probably wondering how I managed to make it to day #8 when it is only the 7th of February, right? Twice now, I've worn two outfits in one day, so maybe I should start calling them 'outfits' as opposed to assigning them days.... hmmm.

And sorry for the long post. I guess I should start blogging on the weekends, huh?


chelsea said...

I'm in the same boat. I have 7 outfit photos awaiting posting...

love love love ketchup/mustard look! ps: I really need to rock my vicki's boots more often.

Danielle said...

I've been wondering where your posts were or if you were even actually doing it! ha. you loser.

and maybe I rock my boots too often... I just hate wearing regular heels in the winter.

Katri said...

I really like the plaid shirt layering!!!

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